From Darrell Shanning to the Sol Dominion... the true story of the fall of man can be found here. 

Beyond Chaos, beyond darkness, we stand.  Unto the end of the night.... even in a world where there is no day.

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       Hello, and welcome to Xenofall:  home site of my pre-Xenogears saga.  My name is Nightsong - though you may most certainly feel free to call me Justn, if you so wish - and this is the place to find information on the Xenofall Saga, from Dark Angel to Dominion and beyond.  

      If you're unfamiliar with my fanfiction series... well, I'm not really sure how you found this place, but that's beside the point.  Quite basically, I write in the World of Imagination fanverse - a universe shared by the fanfic authors Cain, Mox Jet, Neo Kefka, Nanaki, and myself - and thus I borrow many of my theories from these authors... most of whom write Chrono Trigger fanfiction.  If you recognized the pictures as the top of the page, and are thinking "what the heck?", let me explain.  There is a lavoid in my fic.  The wave existence, Zohar, is a finori (take a wild guess what those are, from the pics of Masa and Mune across the top).  And I know what you're thinking, but this really isn't some lame crossover.  You will not see Magus in this fic, or any other characters you're familiar with.  All I'm taking for this fic are concepts.

      Intrigued?  Check out the fic, then run through some of the miscellaneous sections dedicated to it, whether they be art, theory, or music.  Disgusted?  I would still urge you to check out the fic... you might surprise yourself and enjoy it.  


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