How it all began... 

The Eldridge.  Gears.  The Wave Existence.  Deus.  Existence.

How did they come to be?  And why?  

Everything that led up to the events described in Xenogears....

It Began 10,030 years before Fei Fong Wong ever destroyed the village of Lahan.  Indeed, it began long before the village of Lahan even existed...

In this era, men have gained the ability to travel between the stars.  Of course, men are rather arrogant creatures.  Huge boundary lines have been drawn in the very depths of space, and two huge nations have sprung to life after hundreds of years of war.  The Sol Dominion and the Planetary Union have uneasily coexisted for several hundred years, and the result has not been good.  Both nations are on the verge of explosion into violent war, with only the slightest spark needed to provoke the action.

But humans are not the only power in the universe, not by far... and the lavoid race has always been fond of the flame.  With the destruction of a single planet, the lavoid Grendel has started a set of events that shall lead to the complete change of the universe.

But shall Darrell Shanning's quest for vengeance lead to a better tomorrow?  Or shall it only lead to a pit of ashes?



Authors' Notes

Chapter One:  Genesis
Chapter Two:  Exodus
Chapter Three:  Acts
Chapter Four:  Seeker
Chapter Five:  Tribulations
Chapter Six:  Deception and Destruction
Chapter Seven:  The Plot Thickens...
Chapter Eight:  Lucia 
Chapter Nine:  Echoes of the Past I - Faded Shadows
Chapter Ten:  Echoes of the Past II - Mammon
Chapter Eleven:  Echoes of the Past III - Souls Lay Smoldering
Chapter Twelve:  Explanations, Revelations, and New Destinations
Chapter Thirteen:  The Weapon
Chapter Fourteen:  Friendly Fire
Chapter Fifteen:  Meeting the Children
Chapter Sixteen:  Twisted Homeland
Chapter Seventeen:  Dark City
Chapter Eighteen:  Survivors and Warlords
Chapter Nineteen:  Terisiare
Chapter Twenty:  Shi Kari
Chapter Twenty-One:  Council of Cowards
Chapter Twenty-Two:  Order, and Followers of Chaos
Chapter Twenty-Three:  Scheming Ones
Chapter Twenty-Four:  Warfare
Chapter Twenty-Five: Day of Apocalypse
Chapter Twenty-Six:  Wages of War
Chapter Twenty-Seven:  Revelations and Rage
Chapter Twenty-Eight:  Seek and Destroy