My personal picture of the moment:  The ever-cool Zelgadiss.


            I'm not sure who besides me even cares that I have a page like this, but hey... it gives me one more link to put up on the index, and an excuse to rant and rave about nothing in particular.  Anyway, the name's Nightsong, as I've said, though I've been known to go by Justn Purdy if I'm lookin' for street cred (read:  if I want most of the people I know "IRL" to know who I am).  I'm currently 17 and a high school graduate looking to head to college next year in a Journalism Major (and a minor in music, for those of you who care about such things).  As far as things that have anything to do with this site, I've been writing for a fair amount of time (bets range from four to six years), but have only been messing with fanfic for the past two to three (my first work to get published on the web, the ever-horrible Split Infinity, was started in August of 1999).  And I started out horribly, let me assure you.  In fact, Dark Angel is my first major serialized work; I've had a few others, but all killed themselves after five or six chapters.  Other than that, you may have read one of my 1.2 billion short stories on the GIA or  You won't find those here, thank God (for the most part). 

            That said, lord only knows how I ended up in the World of Imagination fanverse, writing in the same universe with some of the best authors fanfiction has to offer.  I attribute it all to good luck, and a hell of a lot of work.  You see all those chapters of Dark Angel?  I have learned, in the time that's passed since I started this story in November of 2000, that those things don't write themselves. 


            Anyway, look around, read the story, look at some of the fanart (mine's mostly abysmal, the stuff other people have drawn is not), listen to the ONE song I've managed to compose about it so far (there's a second currently in the works... has been for the past three months or so), and generally enjoy yourself.  I do this writing for two people:  myself, because I really, REALLY enjoy it, and you, because I want you to really enjoy it with me.  *takes a bow*

And for those of you who MUST no more, you can find a more complete bio of moi at the FFAA main site.