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    This section's pretty obvious, I'd say.  I'll be using it to express my opinions on everything from video games to fanfiction... sadly, to the humor fans out there, this section will probably be pretty serious, for two reasons.  First off, for the fanfiction reviews, I realize that I would absolutely hate it if someone reviewed my story facetiously, and didn't actually take a serious look at something that obviously took serious time and effort.  Second... I'm hoping to work for Electronic Gaming Monthly after college, so serious game reviews are a must, practice-wise. 

Onward, then! 


Fanfiction Reviews

An important note:  every single one of these reviews is taken from the stories located on Icy Brian's RPG page.  I'm trying to give people an idea of what to read (and I will be submitting these reviews to Icy Brian in the near future), as well as give a bit more purpose to my own fanfic reading.  I will not, however, link each author's section on his page directly from here.  That would be tantamount to theft of things on his site, and that's something I simply cannot do.  Instead, I will give the main site link below, and you can find the author's section in his fanfiction library by simply clicking on the section that contains the type of story I reviewed, then locate the author's name.  Quite simple, and self-explanatory, really.  

Icy Brian's RPG Page

The sections of fanfiction review (they've been altered, as you can see):

Plot:  What's so cool about your story?  Basically, this section judges the basic story of the game; the premise, the events, and all that.  VERY, VERY vital section, believe me.

Characters:  How's your character development?  Your plot can be incredibly cool, yes, but if I don't care about your characters, it makes for a very, very horrible read.

Grammar:  kan u spel?/?//  This is a vital area, believe me.  If I can't read your writing, nothing else matters in the least; I wouldn't even read something like a Stephen King book if it was written in another language.

Entertainment:  Was I addicted to your story?  Did it make me want to read on?  Were the various scenes well enough done to keep me entertained?  Really, this part is a summation how well you did the other three parts; if you have good characters, and original plot, and can spell, I'm going to have a good time.

Now, for how the scores work:  each section is given a number of points, with a maximum of twenty-five points per section.  The four scores are then added together to get a number out of 100.


The Planeswalkers by Mox Jet.  This review stands alone simply because it's a story on my page - it gets special attention.

Chrono Trigger Reviews

Crossover Story Reviews

Final Fantasy 7 Reviews

Other Reviews


I'm also accepting review submissions, believe it or not... and not just on fanfic.  I'd love some things for novels, movies, video games, web sites and music... heck, basically anything you can think of.  Email me if you're interested.


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