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Last Chapter by Darkmoogle

Genre: Drama

Chapters: 1

Plot: 15/25

Characters: 18/25

Grammar: 25/25

Entertainment: 10/25

Overall: 68/100

The first thing you'll probably note about this fic is that the author has GOT to be a Magic: The Gathering fan. The entire spiel about the Multiverse, though a bit confusing - and I found the fact that Darkmoogle's original character, Garet, just happened to save the heroes of FF7 and 8 a bit unrealistic, perhaps - is fairly cool once you realize that this fic is REALLY a FF7/FF8/ M:TG crossover (a fact made MOST apparent when he begins using words like 'planeswalking' and describing Aenid as a plane that seems to have been created by Garet). Now, onto the story. The plot itself felt a bit quickly revealed, and you didn't get much of a sense for the characters present other than Garet for a good few pages. This is probably due to the fact that there was very little description involved early in, even of Garet himself. It was also rather hard to follow; the author assumed you knew who all of these characters were already, and the revelations you received on their backgrounds were merely short reminders that didn't really stand alone well. That would be okay if this story was a sequel, but whatever it was meant to add on to is not present anywhere on Icy's page.

Actually, that really ruined the whole fic for me. It was obvious that there were some cool elements here (the Caldes, Emdes, etc) but the complete lack of description added to the author's assumption you knew everything about his multiverse made it very hard to understand what was going on. Add to that his tendency to jump from scene to scene rather quickly, and you have a big problem.

Overall, I suppose it wasn't so bad... just incredibly confusing. I'm sure that if I could've understood all of the references in play here (maybe the referenced original work that involves Michael Dewar's metamorphosis into Garet), things would have read much better. As is though... a very hard read.


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