Final Fantasy 7 Fanfiction



Neglect by Lightsoul

Genre:  Drama, Stream-of-Consciousness

Chapters:  1

Plot: 25/25

Characters: 25/25

Grammar: 22/25

Entertainment: 23/25

Overall: 95/100

Oh, you've gotta love it. This fic is basically an SoC thing from Cait Sith's view. It actually has the character RECOGNIZING the fact that he was basically useless during the game, and actually gives some explanation. You can really feel Reeve's despair here, too, which is nice. Howevier, it's not absolutely clear what part of the game this is coming from... but that's not the focus of the fic, and thus unimportant. There were a few spelling errors here and there, which isn't really a good thing in a fic as short as this, but nothing that hindered my reading of it.


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