Flying to the Fall

by Justn Purdy



Through a world filled with color

All in shades of grey


Through the myriad of night

Right and wrong -- strangers.


Cannot find my way

The thick dark fog it holds

Grey upon grey upon grey


Through this world that is ours

Wishing for another

no right, no wrong - just shades of grey.


Out of this life; I don't belong

To find another world

another life with truth and falseness

Something in black or white.


Searching hard; fruitlessly.

Nothing else exists except our world

Where ignorance is bliss.

There's no escape; no none at all, at all.

Flying and falling.

Falling and failing.

Trapped here I'm fleeing.

There is no escaping

Flight with wings clipped.

To a fall into ash

A rush to escape...

One I'm failing to find.


I suppose this poem is mainly over the frustration the state of our world brings me; and the fact that this life can offer no better one.  When I talk about shades of grey, and all that, I'm referring to the fact that right and wrong are defined by the current conceptions of society, and that there is NOTHING so morally incomprehensible that constant exposure won't make it seem okay.


Idiocy Within Me



Indwells in me

It's all I am

It's all I see.


Why don't I care

For how I fare?

Why won't I try

Why don't I dare?


I waste my time

With no reason nor rhyme

Do nothing much...

No time, no time.


Is this my fate?

In this laziness I hate?

Trapped in a mind wihtout will

Never proceed through life's gate.


This was written to express my frustration with myself over my current grade situation; it seems that a lack of study over this last nine weeks has rendered concentrating on school work almost impossible for me.  I mean, I know I CAN'T be lazy; my innumerable writing projects prove it.  It can be rather aggravating at times to grapple with, as this poem proves.


Glimmer Blade


The Glimmer Blade of Mariviel

Lies rusting o'er the hearth

Once fine and sharp - what a legend it was!

Useless, dull, and dark.


The old tales tell us much of it;

At least, of how it was.

How it shone bright in the night

How it cleft through steel and stone.


None could stand before its might.

All problems took to dust

It won great wars aplenty

Solved matters of great weight...


But there came a day when work was done

The Blade was needed no more

And thus put up above a hearth

And rusted and dulled evermore.


Lack of use has dulled its edge

Once so finely toned!

Lack of care has made it worth none

And how shall its people fare?


The Glimmer Blade; the glimm'ring mind

Sparkling from thought to thought

Though fine and sharp, when put to use

When wasted time it warps.



I realize this last poem, especially, is a bit too heavy-handed in its moral.  Also, the rhyme scheme is VERY strange (there actually is one, though good luck to you in finding it), and doesn't flow very well at all.  But it is a poem, so here it is.



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