Welcome to what will probably forever be the largest section of the Night Haven, for all time... or whatever. Here I will store all of my various writing projects, from the short (as little as 2 pages) fanfics, to the long works, to my original poems, and so on and so on. Of course, I would appreciate feedback, as I plan on doing this for a living. Below, there are links to all the different pieces, as well as brief descriptions of them, and ratings.  Hopefully, you'll find something you like... enjoy.

Currently, my concentration is being poured wholly into Dark Angel.  See the other short stories on the site (notably the fanfics, of course)?  I wrote all of those in 2000.  It's amazing for an author like me, but I haven't written a short in well over six months now.  Geez.

Rating Guidelines (useless, I know.  Sue me):

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Xenogears:  Prelude to Destruction Part One  Dark Angel 24 chapters, in progress

Xenogears. My best work to date, it's a mostly-original look at events LOOONG preceding Xenogears, with a dash of Chrono Trigger thrown in for plot purposes. I Hope you like it.

I, Magus short, complete

Chrono Trigger-based.  A different look into Janus of Zeal.  Also, some of his thoughts on the events of the game.

Citan short, complete

Xenogears-based. A short, stream-of-consciousness type of work, based from Hyuga Ricdeau's point of view. In it, he recounts his perspective of his adventure with Fei and company.

An Ending short, complete The first decent story I wrote, in my opinion.  A MUCH better attempt than Split Infinity was (and no, that will never be put up on this site, so don't ask me for it.  You don't want it).  It's about Magus, on my semi-original answer to all of the 'search for Schala' fanfics out there.  Read it, you might like it.

After the Midnight short, complete

FF7-based. A look into the life of Vincent Valentine, most underdeveloped character of FF7.

Rock VS Classical short, complete   I wrote a school paper.  School papers suck.  It's a comparison paper.  Those suck worse.  Read it anyway.  You might like things that suck.

Poem Collection 1 complete

Hard to say...

Just a collection of poems I have written, placed together for faster loading. Original, and mostly free-verse, for this collection.

Poem Collection 2 complete

Er... ditto.

Another collection of poems. There are fewer of them in this one, and most of them have a rather dark tone. Hey, we all have bad days, right?

Poem Collection 3 complete Once again, impossible to judge. My third poem collection... of just three poems.  Man I'm good.  Er... anyway, these were all written on the seventh of March, which is why they're being grouped together.  I really only liked the first of these.


More to be added as I take it upon myself to put it up. I have lots of stuff I could put up, fanfic-wise and original, I'm just busy working with Dark Angel at the moment.