Think about this for a split second.  I already have a personal music section, ne?  Thus, THIS music section is for other peoples' music, in the midi format.

    And... we now have content to offer!!  Imagine that!  C-O-N-T-E-N-T!!!!  *ahem* We have a pretty fair number of songs this update from my good friend Mike Collins, AKA Sonicblade.  He's an excellent composer - this stemming partially from the fact that he can wander in more styles than one, as opposed to my almost totally cinematic/classical approach (with a few rock variants).  Plus, he's a really cool guy.  Make sure to check his work out.


The Handy-Dandy Night Haven Rating System-o-matic!!! 
This was originally marketed without the o-matic part, and the product failed miserably in that regard.  Believe it or not, a slight image change CAN produce miracles.

10 - 
Prophet:  An incredible song I'll probably be listening to for months.

9 -  

Magus:  Excellent work, very memorable piece.

8 -  

Setzer:  I liked it, I liked it!  Just a couple a' things here and there that needed improvement.

7 -  

Slash:  Nice effort, but slightly unoriginal or flawed.

6 -  

Edgar:  Not bad.  Perhaps more originality/emphasis on melody is needed here, or a bit of work in the way of your composing.  

5 -  

Cyrus:  Average song.  Not all that memorable.

4 -  

Flea:  Eh... Below Average.  Nothing I'd listen to again.

3 -  

Spekkio:  Why don't you try a different song, do a better job, and call me in the morning?  Like, say, next year.

2 -  

Twin Golems:  You'd rather fight these guys with just Marle in your party than listen to this song.

1 -  

Janus:  The weak, magicless version of Magus... reserved for weak, meaningless pieces of music.

0 -  

Ozzie:  It doesn't get any worse than this, folks.  Avoid this song like you would anthrax.


Composer Listing

Sonicblade - 12 piecesLast updated 5-19-01


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