The Blade of Sound didn't send me any info to put up for him in this section (I suppose he didn't think he'd get his own page, eh?), so I'll have to wing it.  Sonic was born in Georgia, where he enjoyed a life of huntin' and shootin' many varied things.  Yes, he was your basic Georgia resident.  However, one day Sonic discovered something on a hunt in an Atlanta mall; the dreaded computer.  Since that day, he's spent "far too much time on that dang thing", according to his father, and has apparently "no cuteness factor", according to the various Florida women in his age group that were polled (except for a certain traitorous someone).  And as hilarious as these things are for me to write, I imagine that the info here will be changed when Sonic sees it, has an aneurysm, and sends me something decent.


Battle Preparations - May 19, 2001 Night-o-Matic Rating:   

A bit overly repetitive for my tastes, but what is there is good.  Kinda has a Final Fantasy Tactics feel to it.

Bring it On - May 19, 2001 Night-o-Matic Rating: 

Rockin'!  The only real problem is a tiny bit of repetitiveness that could have been alleviated by a key change.  Still, very fine song. 

Forever Alone - May 19, 2001 Night-o-Matic Rating: 

This is a cool little piano piece with an incredibly haunting feeling, something that Sonic can get across very well.  I haven't heard this piece before, oddly, and I love it.  Download it now; I bet you will too, unless you're Lynx (poor guy doesn't like piano music for some reason).

Fury of the Fates - May 19, 2001 Night-o-Matic Rating: 

Very experimental stuff here, definitely.  The piece had the problem of being waay too loud that a number of Sonic's older pieces seem to have (the cymbal crash at the beginning was a bit over the top on my headphones).  I dunno, I just didn't like it, personally, but it's not a bad piece.

If I Had a Million - May 19, 2001 Night-o-Matic Rating:  

Yowza.  This is a nice little piece.  If only I had the lyrics to put up along with it (a little help, Sonic?).  Good stuff.

Jazzin' it Up! - May 19, 2001 Night-o-Matic Rating: 

This Jazz piece nearly got a Prophet rating, actually... however, it's very short.  Dang shame... Excellent work. 

Remembrance - May 19, 2001 Night-o-Matic Rating: 

One of the earliest songs I heard by Sonic here, and certainly his best older piece.  The only problem that kept it from a Magus or a Prophet is the fact that there are places where the music's just kind of there, not really moving you along chord-wise or melody-wise.  Excellent, excellent, anyway.

Rising From the Fall - May 19, 2001 Night-o-Matic Rating: 

This is a very nice piece, with some instrumentation that comes across really well on my synth.  My one and only problem with the piece was a problem I have with a lot of Sonic's earlier pieces (a relative term, I know):  the volume tends to get a bit out of control (read:  loud) at times.  In the case of this piece, it gets a bit too quiet in places as well.  Regardless of all of that, the melody will stay with you for a while, and the feeling it grants is perfect for a bit of writing.   

Tale of the Sea - May 19, 2001 Night-o-Matic Rating:   

Haunting.  I really enjoyed this piece.

The Black Jacketed Man - May 19, 2001 Night-o-Matic Rating :

Spooky stuff, I tell ya!  This one's based around his short story of the same name, which can be read here.  Classical piece with a really powerful feeling.

The Haunting Truth - May 19, 2001 Night-o-Matic Rating:   

At the beginning, you think that this piece is going to be incredible.  The melody it presents is haunting.  However, it repeats itself for far too long, and the fast-moving part nearly made my $80 headphones explode.  Interesting idea, but lack of development music-wise coupled with some possibly inescapable volume problems hurt it.

Untouchable  - May 19, 2001 Night-o-Matic Rating:   

When I think of Aescuplias... I don't really think of this song.  But Sonic does, and it's his character, so who am I to say?  Despite my personal idiocy, this song's really great.  Very enjoyable listen.

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