In the darkest hour, hope springs eternal.  Yes, even when you're listening to my music.

Hey there, and welcome to the... er... well, I don't really know the size of this section in proportion to the other areas, but it's the second-most IMPORTANT section, anyway.  I've been composing in midi for about a year now (since March 2000), thanks largely to Tom Taylor, a good friend of mine, sending me EZNote once upon a time.  Of course, EZNote's a rather abysmal product, but... one has to start somewhere, and I have Cakewalk and Noteworthy Composer now, so everything's fine and dandy.

For the uninitiated, midi is a type of music 'created', in part, by your computers soundcard. The reason an actual midi file is rather small is because all it is is a set of instructions given to your soundcard on what sorts of notes to play.  As a result of this, the music you listen to hear will either sound really bad (like Atari 2600 stuff, even), or really good (well, maybe not REALLY good, but realistic, anyway).



Now playing in the background:  By Starlight, copyright Justin Purdy, 2001.  Like the song?  If so, email me and tell me so.



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2001 Midis

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