2001 Midis



Er... well, I've only got four at the moment, but I have two other Planeswalker-related songs in the works... hopefully they'll be done someday soon.


Aragorn - Rating 9.

Ooh, ahh... Er, well, I'm not one to compliment my own work, usually, but as far as my current standards go, I feel like this song came out very well.  It's a french horn concerto piece, based on Mox Jet's the Planeswalkers character Aragorn Lestrides.  Cool character, cool story... I'm working on a full story theme now, in fact (with his permission, of course).  But enough babbling from me.  Check out the piece... you may just like it.

Blaster - Rating 7.

This piece came to me today, and was composed today (2-5-01).  It's a piano piece... only about 2 minutes long, but it's interesting enough, I suppose.  Not bad at all if you like that sort of thing... though it kinda loses focus towards the end.

Light of My Life - Rating 8

I actually wrote this piece on a keyboard (believe it or not, I can actually play one... kinda.  I've never actually had a lesson); but I had to write it step-entry method, because I don't have any recording interface between it and my computer.  Still, this turned out really well, I thought.  It actually sounds like piano music.  It's only a minute and a half long, but it maintains a good focus and a good feel; and I wrote it for someone dear to me.  Check it out.

Memories of Zion - Rating 9.5

I won't give a song of mine a ten, ever, because I know that a year from now, this will be below my standards a good bit.  However, at present, I'm very happy with this song.  It's a fifteen track orchestral piece about Dark Angel... good stuff, good stuff.  Check it out, if you haven't already heard it in two other places.

By Starlight - Rating 9.0

It's a rock/techno piece, believe it or not; the first non-classical thing I've done all year.  I was really pleased with how it came out, especially in the drum section.  Man-oh-man, did the drums ever come out well... and I did 'em all by myself.  Anyway, it's meant to convey the feelings of travel by, you guessed it, starlight, though the action this piece conveys makes me feel like there's a little more to this journey than walking.