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Multiverse Theory

This section is, of course, one of the more important ones regarding Gearheads.  I'll be using it to explain my theories of the Xenogears:  Prelude to Destruction series.  Of course, given that this fic shares a lot with the Planeswalker Chronicles (if you haven't read Mox's work, you should definitely put that before mine), it'll also have a number of theories based around that series, which Mox will (hopefully) send me papers for.

I suppose this place is little more than a suppository for my contributions to the World of Imagination site I'm supposed to be helping Mox maintain (want to know more about that?  Click here).  So, you could probably go there if you wanted, and find more info, but do stay for now, eh?  I may have stuff here that's not up there yet.  Maybe... um... LOOK OVER THERE!!!  *runs away*

And I realize that there are a LOT of theory sections; I really have a lot to explain, as you can see, and I want to keep it fairly organized.


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