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Race Name:  Zeikdane

Pronunciation: Zee-ick-dăn

Average Lifespan:  Same as the Eternal race; currently seems to be unending, though they can be killed.

Appearance:  They do have a true shape, and are incapable of shapeshifting.  Appear very human, but with glittering eyes and hair that goes from black at the roots to white at the tips.  Also, their entire body is covered with Chaos runes (bright red symbols of an unknown origin), that are only visible when the host Zeikdane is drawing on magic.

Description, Origins, and a Brief History:

It is not known what the exact meaning of the word Zeikdane is, though it is rumored that, in an old Eternal tongue, it means 'forsaken'.  This describes the race fairly well.  Every member of the Zeikdane race (at least in the first generation) was once an Eternal of the Nexus.  However, during the Eternal War, these Eternals managed to escape their doomed homeland.  Pursued by bloodthirsty kinsmen, this small group (more than likely about fifty strong, of people who had no desire or taste for battle) managed to make their way to The Dagger's Edge, a dimension hidden on the very edge of the Multiverse.  It was not meant to actually hold life, but to serve as a buffer for the Multiverse against the Chaos energy that surrounds it.  How they managed to get into this dimension is still thrown into question, but the results are very clear.  They did indeed survive the war, but the high and constant exposure to Chaos energy warped their bodies.  They lost most all of their control over elemental magic, taking away their powers over shapeshifting, as well as any sort of familiar spells.  However, as they were further permeated, their bodies became covered in the strange, mystical tatoos known as Chaos Runes.  This allowed them to draw on the almost infinite power of Chaos energy, and cast true white and black magic.

Common Personality Attributes:

The Zeikdanes aren't such bad people when looked at alone.  They are scholarly, fond of reading and writing, and often go into poetic pursuits (which they excel at).  However, there is a great bitterness within them for the surviving members of the Eternal race (Lucent Mazer in particular, given who his brother was), and in fact for the rest of the Multiverse at large.  This is possibly due to some form of jealousy, in that they must live in a dimension constantly struck with chaos energy, while the others can live in relative comfort (they are unable to leave the Dagger's Edge now, for the most part; their bodies require the Chaos Energy to live). 

Magic Types:

Described earlier.  They are incapable of the manipulation of elemental magics (holy, fire, water, air, lightning, earth, dark, etc), but draw directly on Chaos Energy to power their spells, much like the Ethereal race.  They also are masters at mind 'magic', abilities which include illusion, telepathy, and even limited mind control (very limited, and doesn't work on a strong willed subject that knows what's going on).

Notable Zeikdanes:

Drake Saryphon - known as the Hope of the Zeikdane race.  He is also, through a vast number of enchantments, the only member of the race that is capable of living outside the Dagger's Edge.  He currently wanders the Multiverse seeking to track down Lucent Mazer and the other twelve Eternals, in order to kill them and take their essences back to the Dagger's Edge, where it is believed they could be used to allow the rest of the race to travel as freely as Drake does.



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