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Okay, so this isn't even really a temporary storage area for WoI (not the one from the FFAF, for those of you who frequent that place).  What is World of Imagination?  It is the title of a series of theory papers and graphics currently in the works as the end-all resource for all writers who'd like to write in the faniverse Mox Jet and I began.

I believe, in the spirit of Mox Jet's temporary site for WoI (we're going to put it on an entirely seperate site someday, as something of this magnitude deserves), I will include a brief history of how things came to be from my side of the tracks (you can see Mox's side of things here).

Summer/Fall 1999:  In around June or July of this year, I come across a site called Icy Brian's RPG Page by sheer chance.  There I find something I hadn't been too familiar with in the past; fanfiction.  Icy's page had tons of it, and not the crappy clichéd stuff I'd seen in the past.  There were incredible authors there, from Nanaki to Cain to Jerm... and their stories were sheer brilliance.

One of the first authors I came across on the site was Nanaki (well, Cain too, but that's not really pertinent information), with his stories Origin/Aftermath of Mount Woe and Tempo Trigger.  I sat down one summer day and read all of Origin/Aftermath... and that's about fifty chapters.  When I got up from my computer that evening, I knew that I wanted to do that.  I had written a bit on the past (fifteen pages on an incredibly lame FF7 story), but decided to actually take it seriously now, and submit to this incredible "Icy Brian" person.

Somehow, I came up with my first story, Split Infinity.  It was not good... not good at all.  Through some quirk of fate, it was accepted by Icy's committee, and three chapters of it saw the light of day for about six months, at which point I had them pulled.

It was also around this time that I came across the Chrono Trigger Interactive Story forum, a rather self-explanatory bbs system on Delphi.  I did a bit of writing there, but it didn't become important until later.

Late Winter/Early Spring 2000:  After spending a few months offline (thanks to a freak bolt of lightning), I came back to the 'net:  most importantly, back to the CTIS.  My writing was still rather bad at the time, short and non-descriptive, but I wrote most every day on the various ISes in the forum, and started working on one-shots.  See, I was well aware that I had difficulty remaining satisfied with my work long enough for a serialized fic... stories such as An Ending, and Vengeance, and Master..., and a number of other things came of that period.  I'm still proud of a few of those stories today, and have actually received some fan-mail for them.  That's not really important, though.  Through a series of events on the CTIS, I came to take my own story forum (one that had been dead since I founded it in late August 1999) and run with it.  I invited EVERYONE that emailed me, and even invited some people that hadn't.  I started reading Mox Jet's great story, the Planeswalkers, around this time, and invited him as well.

See, Planeswalkers had done something I hadn't ever imagined could be done; he'd not only merged the fic with Chrono Trigger, but with Nanaki's work.  I was incredibly impressed by this; it made the gears in my head grind slowly to work on a truly original story idea. 

Summer/Fall 2000:  The FFAF took off here, and I got AOL Instant Messenger.  I finally got to meet all of these great writers from the forum, and forged fast friendships (alliteration!  alliteration!) with a number of the members.  Needless to say, Mox Jet was one of these people.  I had started writing The Endless Game:  Orion around this time (a story which I am attempting to rewrite from scratch at this point); strangely enough, Mox displayed an interest in it.  He couldn't have paid me a higher compliment at the time; so I told him some things about it, about the theories that surrounded it.  I mentioned my ideas on Chaos, and on the Eternal race, and the Nexus.  Strangely, a number of these ideas meshed.  I was astounded.

Also, in something that would not become significant until later, I wrote a prologue and one chapter to a pre-Xenogears fanfic called Dark Angel.  It was intended to run about fifteen chapters, and help explain a number of things that led up to the events in that game.

Winter 2000:  Orion fell from my attentions at about five chapters, and Dark Angel exploded.  Finally, I had a fic with ideas, an original piece of work.  But this work required that I borrow ideas from Chrono Trigger; more importantly, that I borrow ideas from Mox Jet and Nanaki, whose works I'd begun to take as canonical to the series. 

Thankfully, Mox Jet didn't care in the least; indeed, he seemed flattered at the idea.  I wrote like a madman, bound and determined that I would finish this fic, that I wouldn't let it taper off at forty or so pages like many others.  I discussed my ideas with Mox, gave him some spoilers.  Amazingly, our ideas meshed very well, and we ultimately decided that we would meld our two faniverses into one.  This made my work even more fun; I could now make reference to the LEA, use words like Lavoid Energy... it was incredible.  Even more incredibly, Mox made references to some of my own ideas in the late chapters of Planeswalkers; the reference to Aristrand Clarist late in the novel is one to my Eternal character; the mention of the Sol Dominion in the Epilogue connects directly to my view of the universe as it is in Dark Angel. 

Spring 2001:  In the months from January to March, I write about fifteen chapters on DA.  It becomes very obvious to me that the fic has become much larger than I originally intended; the first part will probably run about 40 chapters, and the sequel could go much farther.  I submit the fic to Neo Kefka's personal site, the Fanatic's Tower, and am very highly complimented by the man on it.  In my guestbook, he even said it was one of the better fics out there; and this from a man who has read Nanaki and Jerm! 

Even better, the story inspired him.  He asked me if he could use some of the concepts in Dark Angel for his own CT-related story (Kama Trigger, which should be in the library soon).  Of course, a number of these concepts were Mox's, but the fact alone that my interpretation of things - along with my original stuff - inspired him was one a greater compliment than anyone could have made with words.  Now I can see how Mox must have felt when I asked him if I could use PW stuff; or how Nanaki felt when Mox asked him about his fic.

And things are growing ever outward, as more and more authors come into the fold.  While most of the credit goes to Mox Jet for this, I'd like to think that perhaps my own work incited this movement.  And it is a movement, which leaves Mox and I with only one thing we can do.

We had to write out all of the theories surrounding the Multiverse, and everything in it (and outside of it).  They had to be documented, with words and with pictures.  It is a culmination of not only the past two years of writing, but really the six or so that have passed since I first thought up Lucent Mazer; since I first came up with the idea of a Multiverse.

Keep checking this link out, boys and girls.  This is going to be something to remember.


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