Old Updates... FUN! (curse you for making me use this phrase in everyday speech, Beth Ann Spence!!!!)


April 16, 2001 - Toldja I'd do another update this weekend, didn't I?  Eh... it's not really that big of one, though.  Got a few new articles up in Gearheads (which I'll probably be incorporating into the Night Haven itself soon), and, in much more important news, got a new chapter of Dark Angel.  This was a harder chapter for me to get written, as it was mostly a discussion thing leading up to what shall be.  The next two or three chapters should come along quickly, though, since the proverbial stew (heh, this is a family site, right?  Er...) hits the fan on Riven there.  Expect some MAJOR things to happen there, and then... well, I expect the story to end around Chapter 35 or 40, so Grendel's ugly head looms just around the corner.  Later.

Oh, and I changed the banner on the front page.  Wow.

Night's Writings
Dark Angel - Chapter 21 Added. 

April 13, 2001 - My-oh-my, it's been a while since I've done an update.  And it shows.  As you can see, I now consider myself something of a capable artist - albeit in a cartoony manga style, but it works - thanks to several weeks' worth of intense drawing study goodness... um, unfortunately, I've been neglecting my writings a bit, in case you couldn't tell.  Anyway, there are several new drawings in the Night's Drawings section, along with an entirely new section:  Night Haven:  the Comic (double colons!  Golly-gee-whiz!).  Basically, starting this summer, I want to do a weekly comic strip thing, featuring the exploits of Lucent Mazer (our long-suffering arrogant immortal, who is pictured givine a common complaint at the top), and the Wizard Bob ( a cookie-obsessed character I created in an improv skit about four years ago... he's since become a common character whenever I feel like acting nuts... which is often).  Oh, and expect cameos by dozens of other products of my deranged mind.  It's going to be very strange, my friends.  

In other news, I recently finished a new piece... and a good one at that.  It's called Memories of Zion, and - in case you couldn't guess - it's a big orchestral piece based around Dark Angel.  Woo-hoo!  Seriously, it's good stuff.  Check it out.

Expect another update this weekend.  I've got writing sections galore to start up (the archives for the Spirals of Infinity RPG, for one thing), not to mention Chapter 21 of Dark Angel to finish.  Fun fun fun fun fun!!!!

NH:  The Comic section added.

Night's Songs
Memories of Zion added.

April 1, 2001 - I wanted to do a big april fools' joke, but the FFAF (FFFF?) took care of that for me in spades.  Great job, Sonic.  Heh... you can see THAT whole scenario by following the "FFFF" link on the main page.  It shall be saved here forever, for posterity... I guess.

In the meantime, I've got a fairly large update.  I added a link to the World of Imagination temporary site (not the FFAF story, guys; the site that will host most of the Multiverse information for Mox Jet, myself, and anyone else who comes along), as well as, at LONG last, Samara's work.  There are a few new drawings in Gearheads (which you should really check out; I'm finally putting some decent DA stuff up), as well as a new piece in my personal music section.

On top of all this, I've started a rare midi section in the ELRE.  Definitely check that out; it's got some things you might not have seen in midi format before.

The Library
Samara Secor's section added to.

Rare Midis section added

March 18, 2001 - Not too much of an update, I fear.  Tripod apparently accidentally pulled my site offline and cancelled my account for about a week.  I, of course, scrambled to try to get the site up somewhere else, and consequently now have about fifteen other accounts on free servers across the 'net... none of which support Frontpage 2000 extensions, which I use to publish.  So that was fun.  Thankfully - due only to my girlfriend checking this address again - I found that my site was put back up sometime this week... so I can update again as usual, and people from Icy's page won't find a broken link when they come here from my section.

Okay, then.  Lots of things changed, nothing much noticeable.  I changed the vast majority of the link names to unspaced stuff.  Nothing you'd really care about, but it makes me have to upload the majority of the site again.  Joy!  Also added some pics and stuff to the Storm Knights' Guild section, and updated the Eye of the Storm fic to include Cain's writing.

I also pulled the music downloads section.  Let's face it, none of you cared that I had them.  And so I thought "hmm.  Should I keep up a section that takes up about a full meg of my fifty megs of space, even though no one's going to use it?"  The answer to this was quite obviously no.  If you don't like that, you may feel free to sue me... or get over your trashy self.  I imagine a good lawyer could probably manage to get some money out of me for that, though.

Oh, and actually, I did kinda do an update.  Sonicblade's section's been added to the Library, with about five stories.  Heh... I guess that counts as a fair update, then.  Also... there are new parts to both the Nightfic and Crappy Fanfic in ELRE.

Storm Knights' Guild
Fanart - two pieces added.
Fanfiction - Eye of the Storm removed from Night's Writings and moved to SKG page.

The Library
Sonicblade's section added, with several stories.

March 17, 2001 - Well, to start with, I've got a brand new drawing up.  However, before you skip the rest of this paragraph and hear about the other stuff, keep in mind that this drawing isn't bad... not as bad as usual, anyway.  Actually, I was most satisfied with it.  PLEASE check it out.  

Much more importantly, I've finished Chapter 20 of Dark Angel (I told some of you guys I was going to do three chapters this week, and there they are.  Boo-yah, and all that jazz).  I think it's a pretty good one, personally; began something I'd been wanting to hit on for a while, though not in as grand or fulfilling a manner as in Planeswalkers.  Ah well... you'll have to read it to see what I mean.

On another note, I've actually started work on the theories section of gearheads, with the explanations of Eternals and Zeikdanes up.  This means you guys who want to know about the Multiverse need to head that way NOW.  It's very enlightening and all that, as far as that goes.

Night's Drawings
Hakai Senritsu 2 added.

Night's Writings
Dark Angel - Chapter 20 Added.

March 16, 2001 - I've started a hidden page somewhere on the site; the link to it can be found on the main page... though it may take a bit of work.  It's actually a hidden SECTION, with all sorts of bizarre stuff; organ remixes of midis I've done, polls, and more ideas in the works.

In easier to find news, I've finished Chapter 19 of Dark Angel, and plan on finishing Chapter 20 in time for a weekend update (I told myself I'd write three chapters of the dang story before school starts back up, because I've got to concentrate on that more then).  Whenever I do my next update (probably Sunday), I'll also have a good bit of Samara's fanfiction up, finally.

Hidden Section added.

Night's Writings
Dark Angel - Chapter 19 added.

March 13, 2001 - Well, to begin with, a new poem collection has been added to my writing section; I realize this will only excite my Aunt Mel, but I'm writing 'em, I'm going to post 'em. Sorry... but I do hope some of the rest of you will read them, as well.  I've been experimenting in other styles as of late, and the latter two of the three poems in the collection show that.  Don't worry, though, the first is my usual free-form symbolic imagery fare, and reads MUCH better than the others.

On another note, I did a fair amount of work on the Gearheads page, even going so far as to put some artwork into the art section (I'm SURE you all care, right?).

And last of all... uh... dyn-o-mite!  I finally finished another chapter of Dark Angel, though be warned it's a good bit shorter than the last one (Chapter 17 was about 11 pages long; this one's only around 7).  That's okay, though, since I needed to give you guys a breather from the past three (really four, I suppose) chapters of constant action; though I suppose what you get in its place was confusion and vague suspicions.  Ah well, all will be revealed in good time.  I just hope I can get Chapters 19 and 20 written this week, too.

Night's Writings
Poem Collection 3 added.
Dark Angel - Chapter 18 added.

March 9, 2001 - MWEaA eHA aHA!!aaa111 1/  The Storm Knights' Guild page has been started on the site.  It's not finished, though, and...  er... only 3/4 of the people that come to this site know what the Guild is (because you're Guild members yourselves, you hit-driver-uppers you... um... yeah).  Basically, it's an elite author's group I started (you know, kinda like the Legion of Fantasy on Icy Brian's site) late last August/September (Mox, I can't remember which it was.  Help me out?).  The member roster looks good, I think - you'll more than likely see some familiar names in the fanfiction world.  Check 'er out.

In another note, I've added two more things to the library; the original fiction section has been started, thanks to a story submission by Lynxfire (I'm very glad to see you begin to reappear on the 'net, might I add, friend)... and I finally have the epilogue to Planeswalkers.  Thank God.  

Oh yeah, and I did a LITTLE work on the Gearheads site (which I'm considering moving to my other online account now... I dunno, though... maybe when I have more content up).

Lastly, I added a link to Mox's site to the links section... you should definitely check it out now, as you can just FEEL the Night Haven influences in it... heh heh, not that that's a bad thing, mind you.

The Library:
CT:  The Planeswalkers - Epilogue added (story finished).
Original Fiction - section started, Frozen Flame (Part I of the ManaStorm series) by Lynxfire added.

Planeswalker Universe link added - Mox Jet's personal site.

Added Storm Knights' Guild section.

March 4, 2001 - Well, I worked some more on the reviews section, with a bunch of fanfiction reviews for use with Icy Brian's site.  I'm hoping to become a reviewer on there sometime soon, but I'm going to have to amass a fair collection of reviews first... and besides, I update a LOT faster than Icy does.  

Oh, and I edited chapter 17 a bit.  Seeing as I think Mox is the only one who's actually read it... that's not really that big a deal.

Reviews section updated.

Night's Writings
Dark Angel - Chapter 17 edited.  Main page altered.

March 2, 2001 - THE PLANESWALKERS SPECIAL UPDATE!!!  Thought I'd get up the last five or so chapters of Planeswalkers up, since it's Friday and all that (but still no Epilogue!  BWWAAAAAA!!  ...Um, actually, I don't have that particular file yet.  Mox'll have to send it to me).  And I fear there's still no update on Samara's section.  I'm going to do that very soon, believe you me (she'll probably kill me if I don't, anyway).  

In other news, I... well, I also started the Reviews section, with a review of Planeswalkers to commemorate it being completely up on my site.  Woo hoo!!

The Library
Planeswalkers - Chapters 36-40 added.

Reviews section added.

March 1, 2001 - Well, the main reason I'm updating is for Dark Angel.  Finally finished Chapter 17, though it ended a bit sooner plot-wise than I'd originally intended.  But... it had already run twelve pages, which makes it the longest chapter yet regardless.  Check it out, there's a HUGE fight scene in it.  

Also added a few more chapters of Planeswalkers, since I was updating anyway.  Oh... and Gearheads has KINDA been updated.  You'll have to just see that for yourself.

Night's Writings
Chapter 17 of Dark Angel added.

The Library
Chapter 35 of Planeswalkers added.


February 27, 2001 - First off, I finally decided to add the music reviews section to Night's Music... complete with the TOS BBS reviews of my song Aragorn.  Joy to all, I'm sure.  In a MUCH more important note, there's a LOT more content to be had in the Library now.  First off, I added chapter 7-10 of Leon, the Mighty Gale by Samara Secor (I promise to have it up-to-date soon, Samara!).  I also added the CT Fanfic section, complete with... Chapters 1-34 of The Planeswalkers by Mox Jet.  For those of you who don't know the guy personally, and haven't seen all the chapters, 32-34 have yet to make their way onto Icy's site (and I've got the last six, too... but I only have so much time in one day).  Oh... and I added the New Hunters, a Megaman X group story currently taking place in the Fantasy Finale Arts Forum.  Check it out, and if you like it... go to the forum!  It's still early in, and you can participate in the writing of the story.

Also added a link or two to the links section.

Night's Music
Reviews section added.

The Library
CT Fanfic Section added, with Chapters 1-34 of The Planeswalkers by Mox Jet.
Chapters 7-10 of Leon, the Mighty Gale by Samara Secor added.
The New Hunters Part One added.

Five links added.

February 22, 2001 - Well, to begin, I pulled the Online Journal section.  I'm sure you're all in mourning over that sad truth.  *laughs* Honestly, I don't know what possessed me to include that section in the first place.

In other news, the page is more graphically inclined these days, with a number of video game-related pics splattered around the site at intervals.

And in MUCH more important news, I've got some real content, too.  In the most important note, the library section has been started; it will hold the fanfiction and original works of people kind enough to submit things to my site.  To start things off properly, the wonderful Samara Secor gave me permission to put up some of her work (thank you so much, Samara!!)... perhaps this will get SOMEONE out there to submit something.  Also, I've got a new chapter of Dark Angel, and the Lunar 2 chat program's been updated somewhat.  I have to have a big update to make up for a week without one, I suppose...

The Library
Section Added.
Leon, The Mighty Gale Chapters 1-6 added.

Night's Writings
Dark Angel - Chapter 16 added.

Lunar Chat + V 1.1 added.

Night Haven Main
Online Journal Removed

February 17, 2001 - Yikes.  Six days since an update, and I'm not even really doing anything.  Actually, I'm removing something.  The rants page has been pulled offline, for various reasons that can be read about in the ELRE section.  I hope to do some writing tomorrow (been at a band clinic for the past 2 days), but who knows if that'll happen or not.

Rants page removed. 

February 11, 2001 - Not too bad an update, I guess.  First off, I've added about ten links to the ELRE section, throwing the number in there up to about 20.  I'll continue to add 'em as I find 'em... oh, and if you have one you want me to use, just send me a link, and I'll check it out.  Also, I've got a new chapter of Dark Angel up, finally.  Last, but certainly not least, I've got a TON of Metallica midis available for download now in the ELRE section.  In fact, there were so many that I don't even offer most of them as stand-alone.  The zip file was over 500K anyway, and I only have 50MB of space allotted to me on this server, alright?  So, anyway, there're a few new songs in the music player as a result of that.

Links - added 10 links.

NH Writings
Dark Angel - Chapter 15.

Music Downloads - Metallica midis added.

February 9, 2001 - You knew I couldn't keep away, didn't you?  What can I say?  I'm a bit bored, and it's friday.  I opened up the rants section today, complete with a semi-funny, semi-serious rant about how much I LOOOVE (sense sarcasm here?) the state I live in.  Also put up An Ending, one of my earliest shorts, in the writing section.  Oh, and I suppose I should tell you that the Online Journal's been updated, but that's kind of a given.  Um... there's also a drawing.  I'm sure you care.

Rants section opened - 1 rant.

An Ending added

Dark Siegfried added

February 8, 2001 - HA HA HA!!!  3 days without an update!!  I can break the addiction!!!  Er... well, here I am updating again.  I suppose it was all a lie.  Now, then... for the content.  One chapter of the Nightfic and one chapter of the Crappy Fanfic in the LC+ section.  Oh, and I put up a SCHOOL PAPER in my writing section.

And no one's submitted anything to the page yet.  WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?!?!?!!!!   Um... maybe it's because no one's here... ah, yes... perhaps I should actually link this site somewhere...

February 5, 2001 - So I lied about not having another update.  You already knew I wouldn't be able to resist.  This wasn't much of an update, though... I just had a few things I needed to get done.  First off, I've edited Chapter 14 somewhat... it's about half a page longer now (I know, Mox, adding half a page to that fight scene didn't make it MUCH longer... but it's something, anyway, and it least got the chapter up to 8 pages), as well as adding a new song to the midis section.  I may end up updating tomorrow, too... because I've got to get chapter 15 of my fic written soon.

February 4, 2001 - Not much of an update, I'm afraid... but I've got some more content.  Samara finished the Lunar Chat Plus program, so make sure to go download that... I believe I carry that program exclusively on this site.  While you're at it, check out the stories written by myself and Sonicblade for it.... they're hilarious.  Just let me say (especially if you're Shunaria), no offense is intended by any of the parodies here (unless, of course, you're Lavos Core or Technoprophet.  I was hardly parodying you two).  I've also re-uploaded Eye of the Storm, minus chapter two, as I noticed it needs to be sent to the other SKG members. Also did a TINY bit of work on the Gearheads page, but not anything to write home about.  I made a Dominion page (you know, the second part in the series), and I suppose you could glean a tiny bit of information about the sequel to Dark Angel if you wanted.  Oh, and I probably won't do an update tomorrow, which will break the six day string.

February 3, 2001 - Not too bad an update, I suppose.  I mean, hot diggety dog, I finally got the Night's Drawings section up and running!  Er... I'm sure that's just thrilling for all of you.  I'll wait while you go alert the media.  In other news, I also put up an online journal... oh, and the real deal of the update was the beginning of the Gearheads  page, my separate site relating to the Xenogears:  Prelude to Destruction series (you know, Dark Angel's the first part of it).  Last, but not least, there's another chapter of Dark Angel up.

February 2, 2001 - The smallest update ever, I'm sure.  I spent most of the evening writing a new chapter of Dark Angel.  And... that's all I really had time to mess with tonight.  I'll do more later... in the meantime, read that, 'kay?

February 1, 2001 - Another day, another update... gotta love being a senior, with next to no homework... this one was fairly big, content-wise.  First off, I added the music selection area on the front page, so now you don't HAVE to listen to whatever I pick out.  Now, you have a selection between a number of things I picked out.  Also, I did a lot of work in ELRE, opening up the life philosophies section, and the downloads section, complete with a LOT of midi files for FF7 and CT.

January 31, 2001 - Last update of the month the site was created in.  One would think I could've managed more for this one, I suppose.  Not TOO much new here.  The ELRE section is up, with the links section completed.  The submission guidelines are also now up; I'm sure you were all just itching to see them again.  Oh, and most importantly, there's a new chapter of Dark Angel up.  Check it out.

January 30, 2001 - Everything, of course.  The layout, the graphics... oh, you want to know about the content.  Well, everything in the writings section is up, though I've yet to re-upload Eye of the Storm.  Ah well, I replaced it with I, Magus to fill the void.  Also, the music section should actually work now, thankfully.  I also added a new picture to the About Me section, and put musical backgrounds on several pages.

Oh, and the guestbook's brand-new, too, so do sign that if you have the time.

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