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Lucent, asking the question on everyone's mind.  Drawn by moi, colored by the ever-so-kind LtStorm.

May 31, 2001 - Well, I'm home now.  Of course, I didn't bother to say anywhere on the site that I'd be gone... oh well.  I'll tell ya where I've been.  I just got back from a week in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee (near Gatlinburg if you don't know where the first town is)... the show choir group I was in for high school went there to perform at the Southern Nights theater for a few days.  While there, I spent some time at Dollywood, and various other places.  Bet you guys didn't think I could sing that well, didja?  Well, just so you all know, I got to perform a solo (it was on a country song, but hey, it fit for the audience) in front of about nine hundred people while there.  Oh yeah, I'm very ready to start an alternative band next year.  

Speaking of the trip, I should be getting a fair number of pics back from that soon, which I will be putting up on the site somewhere or other.  Behold, Mox, that I too can hang out with chicks (and get pictures with them, unlike you)!  HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!  *ahem* Excuse me.  If you weren't Mox, you probably think I'm completely insane.  Actually... if you ARE Mox, you still probably think I'm insane.  Onward, then.

Anyway, I've got a pretty fair amount of new content for this update, most of it not mine... hey, like I said, I've been out of town for a week.  I haven't exactly had time to be on the computer.  That said, I did manage to put together a new chapter of Dark Angel for you all to enjoy... and I think you will like it.

Other than that, it's a lot of fanart and fanfiction by Glarryg, mostly.  Gotta love the guy for submitting all his excellent work to me.  Much appreciated, man!  

And... that's about it.  Hey, like I said, I've been out for a while.  More to come next update.  Hopefully I should have a new chapter of DA before the end of the week.

May 19, 2001 - Time for another update.  I am, after all, a high school graduate now, and man-oh-man does it ever feel good.  I will actually put today's updates in some form of order, since I'm feeling so great.

First off, the site alterations.  I changed some of the link buttons around (Mox said he had trouble finding the Night's Writings section, which is unconscionable).  Actually, Mox wanted me to change the button, saying they were to colorful for his sensitive pupils, but around half an hour of wrestling with my imaging program convinced me that he would get over it.  

Second, the content that I myself created especially for this update.  The Night's Drawings section has a new piece in it... no, don't run away!  Actually, this one doubles as SKG art... I did a thing of the Technoprophet, everyone's favorite cheese-eating menace.  Other than one tiny error, I think it turned out pretty well.. .and I bet you guys might too, unless Amano takes it upon himself to come by my site.  On a more important note, I've finally finished a new song... this one's a rock/techno thing called By Starlight... and the drum part came out REALLY well.  Definitely check that out.

In Non-Night-News , the Art Locker has been graced with the presence of the one and only Glarryg... he's submitted several Chrono Trigger pieces for your viewing pleasure... and pleasure it shall be when you gaze upon them, because he's MUCH better than I am.  Also, the Sound Garden section's going to exist now, believe it or not, because Sonic was kind enough to submit several songs.  Check that area out even if you've seen them, because I rated and did small reviews for the stuff he sent me.  Word.  

The Library's also receiving an insanely huge update, with Samara's section, Sonic's section, and Jeremy Chapter's sections being added onto, and Glarryg's section being created with a LONG serialized work in place.  It's more reading than you've got time for, trust me.


May 6th, 2001 - Behold the mini-update!  For one thing, the Art Locker's getting started, with four pieces of art from LtStorm.  Thank ya, Scott!  

Second off, and much more importantly, Chapter 23 of Dark Angel's finished... I wrote it in one sitting, believe it or not.  I fear it's not the much-anticipated Jailbreak chapter detailing Cyne and Meryl's thrilling escape (that's lined up for Chapter 24), but it does give you some perspective on what all the characters that aren't on Riven have been up to.  Behold Mox Garel's first appearance in about five chapters and smile.

Art Locker
LtStorm's section added - 4 pieces of fanart

Night's Writings
Dark Angel - Chapter 23:  Scheming Ones added.

May 5th, 2001 - Jeepers creepers, it's been forever since I updated.  That's not good, kiddies.  But I'm back now, with a pretty sizable update.  

First off, I got a submission to the Library the other day.  This is important, because it was from a guy I'd never heard of (as opposed to having the Library taken up completely by SKG members).  Jeremy Chapter's fic, PuPu Saga, is simply excellent (ignore the strange title and read it, I promise you won't regret it), and a great addition to the site.  Jer here's also supposed to be sending me some fanart to go with things eventually, so expect Art Locker to take shape soon as well.  I'll hit that Tripod space limit before ya know it!  

Also, I finally went and merged Gearheads with the Night Haven, in a last-ditch effort to actually get people to see the material it holds.  It's now the PtD Universe button in the sidebar of the main page.  I'm up to TWELVE sections now!  HA HA HA HA HA!!!  Er... yes.  Anyway, there's not tons of new content in there right now, but everything's been redesigned to focus on Prelude to Destruction (before it was almost like looking at the World of Imagination site, except not as good).  I will be working more on that, especially art-wise, shortly, however.

In other news, I've gotten a new chapter of Dark Angel up.  I know that thrills all of you, and I expect you shall probably go and read it right now.  If not, I'm not really sure what kind of person you are, but you strike me as the type that doesn't realize why I have a website.  Oh, and I hope to get another one done this weekend... it'll be a lot more exciting and action-packed than this one was, believe me.  If I do, I'll do a mini-update tomorrow for it.

The ELRE section boasts some new content... the rant section's back up, with a somewhat friendly (after the old ones) rant about fanfiction not actually WRITTEN, but in the works; what's wrong with it, what's good about it, and why it should receive more recognition.  While I was at it, I finally wrote up my philosophy article on writing.  Check it out; some of you fanfic authors (and the pros that I know frequent this site) may see your name mentioned in a complimentary way.

Hoo, and I'm working on a Photo Album now.  I might have it up for this update, I might not (as we speak, I still haven't even finished all the stuff I've listed above as part of the update), but mark my words:  soon you shall all gaze with despair upon my likeness in the various situations I go through in my hare-brained life (most notably in the despair department will be Samara, who will probably be embarrassed to have her boyfriend's ugly mug broadcasted to the general public).

World of Imagination link added.  Check 'er out.
PtD Universe section created.

Night's Writings
Dark Angel - Chapter 22:  Order, and Followers of Chaos added.

The Library
Jeremy Chapter's section added - PuPu's Saga, 15 Chapters (in progress) added.

Writing Philosophies added.
Rants section re-opened - no rants up yet, but I've got one in the works..
IS Vortex link added.
The GRuNT link added.


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