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Below is a listing of every author in the library, alphabetically categorized.  I will probably not list their work beside their name, at least not for the moment.  There aren't that many names, anyway... so you have time to check.

Glarryg - Writer and artist; he's excellent at both.  A nice guy, at that.  Definitely read his work.

Jeremy Chapter - FF8 author.  From the last sentence, very brave person.  Excellent writer.  Quotes literature that intelligent people read, instead of the Rock.  Check 'im out.

Lynxfire - SKG member.  Good author.  Not much of his work here, I fear.

Mox Jet - one of my best friends.  SKG member.  Writer of the Planeswalkers series.  Great story, great author.

Samara Secor -  SKG member.  Writer of much Lunar fanfiction.  You will read her work now.

Sonicblade - SKG member.  A good friend of mine, and assistant manager on the FFAF.  Lots of original works here.


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