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Welcome to the section of the page that contains my own personal library.  Yes, this is the very best place [note from Night:  That might not be true.  I took this summary from his home site] to find the most recent and up to date works of the one and only Mox Jet (gee, that didn't sound too arrogant, did it?).  Actually, if you ask anyone I've spoken to, I don't think my writing is anything special at all, and people like Cain know that I'm actually quite loyal with paying my daily sacrifices to the Typo God.   


With that out of the way, I give you my personal library.  Herein is every piece of writing that I deem to post on the net.  At the moment, it is all Fan Fiction based on the game of Chrono Trigger.  Some of it is more interwoven to the game than others, but it all ties back to this great game in at least one way, most commonly through the Lavoids.  


I have developed somewhat of an obsession with my own universe, as you'll see when you realize that everything here is not really based around the characters of the game, but my own characters.  Actually, this overriding obsession is what led to the creation of this site as a whole, mostly as an outlet for all of the stuff that I've created for this 'faniverse' which I share with some other excellent writers by the names of Nanaki and Nightsong.  


I'll shut up now, and let my work speak for itself.  Happy reading!


Chrono Trigger:  The Planeswalkers
Authors Notes, 40 Chapters and an Epilogue.  Complete.


Everybody knows of the story of Chrono and his friends (if not, then I don't know what you're doing here) and how they fought Lavos and saved the world. But, what if there were others fighting Lavos as well? Maybe they just got beat to the punch. And the question still remains: one of Lavos's species is destroyed, but does that end the threat?

Now consider what people would do in the year 1999 once Lavos struck. Would they just sit on their butts and watch the world slip into a nuclear winter? Of course not! They would try to fight it too! Now, what happens when one young man's desire to return home turns into the biggest struggle of them all: the struggle against destiny.

Do we really control our lives, or are we just puppets in a play? Are all of our lives laid out before we are born, or can we break free of the current of fate? That is the question that 18 year old Jack McKlane asks himself as his journey unfolds. Now, I can only give one piece of advice: Accept your Destiny.

Author's Notes - by MoxJet

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