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For those of you who've never played Chrono Trigger... I must first asked what in the world is wrong with you.  CT is, in my opinion, the best straight RPG that Square ever made (it's followed closely by Xenogears, and almost tied by Final Fantasy Tactics, but that's a Strategy-RPG).  What's the premise?  Geez... basically, you play a cast of characters who travel the timestream in order to take out the lavoid that's trying to destroy their planet (Yes, lavoid, the very same term used in my own story, Dark Angel.  Where'd ya think I came up with it?).  The game has 13 endings, and an ingenious 'new game +' system that lets you, once you've beaten the game, use your old data in a new game (basically, you start the game over on the same level, and with the same equipment, that you finished the game with on the other save).  This is truly ingenious, and something I've never seen repeated anywhere else.

Glarryg - Parasite:  Prologue complete
               Parasite:  Part One complete
Parasite:  Part Two in progress

Mox Jet - Chrono Trigger:  The Planeswalkers complete.

Sonicblade - Son of a Legend, Heart of a Killer in progress.


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