Yep, the Night Haven now proudly accepts YOUR submissions. Despite the obvious... er... lack of exposure the site currently enjoys, I do plan on getting it linked to several different (read: larger) sites in the near future, as well as putting it on search engines so that people who don't already know who I am can find the place.


And heck, it's not like I don't have the room for a few stories... so here are the guidelines for submitting your work:



Keep it clean, wouldya? I mean, I can understand a few curse words in a story; it just makes realistic sense, but you don't have to put them in every other word. And I'll be fairly lenient about content, even; I just don't want any hentai or lemon fics coming into my mailbox, mmm'kay? Speaking of my mailbox, all fic submissions should go to, attached to the email in either .doc or .html format.



You can submit basically anything, original or fanfic... I'll even take poetry. You should attach a .doc or .html format text file to an email addressed for, and give me a day or two to read over the thing. It can be long (any length is fine, I've got the room on the site), or short. For rather obvious reasons, I will not put up just any and everything that I see... in other words, Lavos Cores need not apply. I'll be fairly loose with it, though; the Night Haven's hardly an elite 'club'.


Reviews: You... you want to do reviews?! How incredibly good of you. For this, I'll take music (albums), movie, and game reviews, attached to an email in a .doc or .html format. Same address as before, of course.


Artwork: Attached to the email in - preferably - a .jpg or .gif format. I'd like to stay away from .bmp, because not everyone can view it... and I don't have photoshop, or anything like it, so I can't even view those specialty files, much less put them on the site. As said before, I don't want any hentai coming in here... keep it tasteful, alright?


Music:  Needs to be in midi format, I'm afraid.  Even if I've got the room on-site for MP3's, I simply don't have the modem speed to upload the things.  I am, however, willing to link to your MP3 files from here.