Blind Love

By Justn Purdy


Shall I compare thee to a summerís day?

Thou art too hot, too controlling

Suck up lifeís moisture by thy too bright ray

Smolder mine soul, whilst thou sing.


The eternal summer shall never end

And thus I can never escape thee

All of my will, to thine shall I bend

Burn me black, curse me and blind me.


This is, rather obviously, taken in part from a sonnet written by Shakespeare.  The first line is entirely his, in fact, but I took it in a much different direction than he did (I think he called the woman more temperate, or something).




One Key, One Door, One Life

By Justn Purdy


A million doors to live this life

And I possess but one key.

Behind some discord, endless strife

If only through could I see!

Shall I write on In vain?

Turn to music or other?

To not know the answerÖ such pain!

Which doors hold back tempestous weather?


Ah, to have but one key.




Mirror of Truth

By Justn Purdy


Ah, dark mirror of truth

Shine in my heart

Expose my lies and sins, yes, both

Deep in your depthsÖ an escape from happinessí dart.


Bright darkness of reality

Shield me from what you show

And thus, forever, might I not have to know.




A Foolís Tale

By Justn Purdy


Love?  Ha!

I once sought it

Oh yes, and heartily.

I searched high and low

And lo, none could be found.

I had it once (or so I think)

But I left it far behind me.

New horizons, new ordeals

And yet there is no sunrise.

Fools and harlots mark this land.


None will take my love.




Ripped Apart

By Justn Purdy


What is my faith?

I know it exists.

It has to be real.

And yet itís not pure

And yet itís not true

For Iím a hypocrite fool.

Idiotic and lowly.

Lowly and lonely

For my sins pull me apart

Apart from the father

Apart from my heart.

And just what is my heart?

Physically, much.

Healthy, beats on

For the rest of my days.

Spiritually speaking

Iím on my deathís bed.

Filthy and blackened

It sputters and starts.

My sins have corroded it


Ripped it apart.




BigotryÖ Idiocy

By Justn Purdy


Accursed epithets!

Of race, of deed, of life.

Individuals torn apart

By differences of nothing.

Black or white

Or white or black;

What in the world does it matter?!

I cannot _believe_ this idiocy

Thrown on a basis of color.

Gay or straight; so what? I say.

Though I practice the second

The first matters not.

A sin? Some complain

Again:  ha! I say.

No moreso than the adultery

Oh, adultery of women with men.

Beating them, stoning themÖ


Rank foolishness, practiced by _morons_.


All for differences oh, too small

Bigotryís haven is here.




Silence is Dross

By Justn Purdy


Silence is golden, they say.

Believe not their twisted lie

Hellís fire, darkness, come what may,

None is worse than not caring why.


Let your words flow forth like honey

Be not silenced, come what may

Donít let threats, or bribes of money

Keep you from what you must say.


Truth, though here, is hard to find

Round lifeís path it winds and winds

Ever trapped within your soul

But no thought or word shall it unbind.


Be not silenced by that thought

For ever there must be a way

But if the truthÖ if itís not sought,

That light within shall not see day.





By Justn Purdy


In this life is sadness all

For all of our world is accursed.

All of our race, engaged in a fall.

For all human beings are accursed.

There is no light to be found

Only darkness, forever accursed.

And for our own will we have no bound.

Our minds create all thatís accursed

We live in a land once of beauty undying

But our efforts create things accursed

We now our dear Lord Godís will are defying

And for that, we all are accursed.




Everyoneís Story

By Justn Purdy


Behold the one of darkness!

His sins are infinite Hell

His life is a foolís, no less, no less

The wages of sin doth now knell.

He takes joy in defying

His lord God all-knowing and

Even now cheating, living, lying

His life is nothing, fine black sand


His story is shared by all.




Make-Believe World

By Justn Purdy


Life?  Bah.

There is no life

There is no truth

None in this world.

We live an illusion

An illusion of lucid thought

When, indeed, we are fools and madmen.

We live in a make-believe world

A world we created

Because our eyes are stitched shut.

Where, in truth, do we wander?

A sin we thought was private

A secret sin is viewed by millions

Our idiocy, though hidden, is know to all

After all, this is just an illusion.

And just what shall be when weíve gone?




Nothing at All

By Justn Purdy


Echoes of despair;

Loneliness lost

Or but gained?

Life of fools

World of falseness

Dreams of nothing

Time goes by

Yet nothing changes

For nothing is real.

Time is nothing


There is no time

There is no world

There is no universe

There is no reality

There is nothing

Nothing at all

Except thee.




Missing You

By Justn Purdy


I left you without so much as a whimper

Our last words were but to speak again

And without you I have no life

Nor any truth

Nor any love

Nor any name.


Do you know how very much I do miss you?

I was a fool to have wandered away.

And now you are gone, I am certain

And took with you all light in my day.


I wonder; do you miss me as I miss you?

Do you yet think of me from time to time?

I suppose thatís too much to wish for.

But I want simply to live on in your mind.


Iíve changed so much, dearest.

Since those times a full two years before.

Youíd be proud, I think, of what Iíve done.


Iíve tried to write you a song

But no melody can capture your heart.


IÖ really miss you, Candy.




Iím sure this means little or nothing to you guys, butÖ well, I wanted to put this up.  Two years ago, when I moved to Mississippi, I left behind the most wonderful person in the world.  Do any of you guys know what itís like to really be in love with someone, and to have that someone really, really love you as well?  Hoo... thankfully, I am over her now, but I can still remember that love, and how it felt.  Of course, the REASON I got over her... well, I know there's at least one of you out there that can guess.