Hey there.  Yes, I realize that I had the site up for a long while without this section up.  Sue me.  Look at the drawings featured, and you'll know why.

Believe it or not, I've been drawing in some form or other since I was about 8 years old (strangely, this predates my serious writing and composing)... but I've only been decent for the past few months.  See, I went completely without anyone's aid for years - and I know most artists don't - and it caused me to learn to do some things wrong.  A lot of things, actually.  Thankfully, a few months ago, Sonicblade pointed me to Jdillon.net, where I learned how to draw correctly.  The results... are below. 

If you don't like my work... my sincere apologies.  You were probably looking at some of my older pieces, which I don't even like.  Maybe you should be looking at something like the second Senritsu drawing, or maybe the thing I did of Tech...


Technoprophet - I gave Max the character name, I'm sure as heck going to make sure to be the first person to draw 'im.  Anyway, here's a pic of everyone's favorite Mountain Dew-guzzlin', cheese-inhalin' villain.

Lucent Mazer - an original character of mine - and for readers of Dark Angel, he's one of the Eternal race.  He's featured pretty prominently in The World of Imagination story in the FFAF, so if this image somehow interests you, check that out.  Heck, even if the picture doesn't interest you, check out the story.  I'm a far better writer than I am artist.

Dark Siegfried - OOH!!!  Er... yeah.  This is my IRC battling persona, based off of my old Lord Siegfried name from the days I spent in the Yahoo Chats, with the T1 syle of fighting.  Now I use something else completely... as illustrated by the poorly represented Chrono Cross Masamune in Sig's hand (been a while since I played the game, 'kay?)  Anyway, this one's not so bad... the foreshortening on his right hand went fairly well.

Hakai Senritsu - this is the pic featured in the about me section, but I suppose I could explain it some.  Hakai Senritsu's the character I'm supposed to be writing for in the Fushigi Soudan egroups group story (don't kill me, Samara!).  I have done a few posts, actually... anyway, Hakai's my typical badass character, which I've recently got a bit tired of.  Not a bad pic, though.

!!!NEW!!!  Hakai Senritsu 2 - This one's not a bust, unlike the last.  It's also a LOT better, because I payed special attention to the hair... I think it shows.

Kainus Starfreeze - Seeing as I started the Spirals of Infinity RPG, I got to create the villain character.  This is who I came up with.  Not too bad a pic either, I suppose, though - as has been said - the prose about him is better than this.


Video Game-Based

I'm afraid I don't do much in the way of fanart, mostly because I always end up having a hard time making the drawing look like the actual character.  And unlike a host of artists out there, I'm not going to put a picture of Edgar Figaro that looks nothing like Edgar up as Edgar... er, yeah.  You get my point.  If I do have something up here, rest assured that it looks something like the character in question.

Ghaleon - You know who he is.  The Lunar series... yeah.


More to be added when I draw something worth adding.