More work needs to be done here.  If only I could get the other Guild members cracking on eye of the Storm...

SKG-related works

Eye of the Storm - Prologue and one (soon to be two) chapter(s).  The inaugural story of the SKG, celebrating its inception.  Co-written by all initial guild members (sorry, Artemi... you'll have to just be in the later stories, to keep continuity straight).


Much, much more to come here.  There are actually a few pieces I just didn't have saved to my comp I could put up, and then there are ideas knocking around in my brain for sketches of Storm Citadel, some weaponry, and... well, it goes on and on.  You'll have to just live with a few of Mox's excellent pieces in the meantime.

Mox's Artwork

Mox Jet
Nightsong (not perfectly accurate, since I decided later that my character should keep my real hair color, brown, but still pretty good)


It began... in August of 2000.  Dissatisfied with the ways of Icy's page - quite basically, the one update of the Summer consisted of him reformatting the fanfiction sections into... alphabetical order, with only the top 15 authors preserved in their original spots (which completely destroyed most of the chances I had for readership, and thus the still-lingering dreams of eventual Legion of Fantasy membership) - I began to scheme.  After speaking with Mox Jet, I decided on this course of action.  An elite authors' group, one of the things important - if not completely vital - to turning the Fantasy Finale Arts Forum into an area independent of Icy Brian's site (at the time, we were all basically authors from that page, most of us lesser-known... well, maybe just me, and a couple of guys I knew). 

This is what sprang from that.  A true elite authors' group, dedicated to the best the fanfiction world has to offer.  The initial members?  Just look below.

The Members

(pictures pending <Mox...>)


Knight of the Divine Blade
Highlord of Storm Citadel

Co-Founder of the Guild.

Well, yeah... I'm the boss man.  No, I'm not the greatest author in the group, but I think that all the hard work and dedication I've put into this work has given me some talent.  Besides all that, I started up the Fantasy Finale Arts Forum waaaaaay back in August of 1999 (though it didn't take off at all until about six months later).  For another, I've become friends with all of these cool people, and my leadership in the FFAF has helped me to have at least enough ability to orchestrate something like this.  Now then, read about the other guys, who I wasn't the least bit afraid to praise, unlike myself.


Mox Jet
High Warmaster of the Guild


The author of the incredible, incredible Planeswalkers Chronicles (available for reading on this very site), and one of my best friends.  He helped me conceive the very idea of the Guild, and also came up with the name (well, most of it... all I knew was that a Guild sounded cool to me).  He's a witty guy with a gift for leadership, and also one of the only true masters of debate in the whole of the FFAF.


Samara Secor
High Bard of the Guild. (well, actually, she never SPECIFICALLY said.  But I added the word high for now, just to make it sound more lofty, or something... *runs away*)

Initial member.

Yes, I realize that these names seem to be listed in no particular order.  That's okay... if it bothers you, you can get over it.  I had to put Samara third anyway, for a reason that I think that everyone that knows me already realizes.  Er... she's the best writer of Lunar fanfic out there, and also the oldest of Guild members (older, of course, is a relative term... er.... she's only 20, after all).  Also one of the nicest, and... many other things I could say here, but nothing that I'll go into, eh?  You'll thank me later.


High Mage of the Guild.

Initial member.

Who's this guy (ah, what a way to begin praising him.  I can see him preparing to flame me already)?  Well, he's really the reason that the Guild exists... heck, he's the reason that the FFAF exists at all.  Way back in the day, when I wrote An Ending for the Gaming Intelligence Agency, this guy (then known as Aerith's Man, or just Mike Collins, I think) sent me some fanmail.  Yeah, that's right.  I've gotten fanmail before.  Of course, as anyone who's ever written me fanmail knows (all 12 of you), when given opportunity, I have to advertise for the FFAF... I'm always trying to attract new authors over there.  Amazingly, Sonic here came, and single-handedly made the forum what it is today (back then, it was the Final Fantasy Story Forum, with only FF stories allowed).  He's proved himself a hard worker and great writer at every turn, even if he doesn't write much fanfic anymore.


Wandering Chronicler

Initial Member.

The first fanfic author I ever read, who I just happened to have met back in the Chrono Trigger Interactive Story Forum (now long dead) way back in early August of 1999.  He's a really nice guy with a truly expansive vocabulary... and is also the author of one of the longest fanfiction stories on the 'net (Chrono Continuum is currently finished at 100 chapters).  It's guys like him (not to mention the four other members of the Guild) that make me feel so inadequate as a writer.


Archlord of the Spirit Realm
Spirit Master of the Guild

Initial member.

You probably haven't heard of Lynx (unless you know him as Manaspirit, from his online presence on Diablo); but that's just because he's never really written anything for the fanfiction sites out there.  He came to the Chrono Trigger Interactive Story Forum back in January of 2000, and instantly rezzed - to use his words - basically every story out there.  This led to a very nice three month period where he, Cain, and I would trade posts on basically every one of the stories.  And as far as writing goes, Lynx is as good as any of the best fanfic authors on the 'net; certainly just as good as everyone else in the Guild.  He's kinda disappeared as of late, but that's just because he started college this year.  Nice guy with a great imagination, and some excellent writing skills. 


Master of the Quoteless Quote (he hasn't told me yet, either).

I'm not really certain how long I've known 'Tem here, except that it was probably from back in 1999, back on the CTIS.  If not back in August of that year, I most CERTAINLY knew him in around that three month period of January-April; besides me, Lynx, and Cain, Artemi made a fair number of posts (I didn't mention him earlier simply because he didn't make very many till later).  Anyway, he's been a force on the various IS forums for as long as I can remember, and I feel certain he was even on the site back when it was the FFIS (he might've even visited it once before Sonic came and made it decent).  He's an excellent, highly original writer, and a cool guy as well.  Of course, if you've read Sonic's Crappy Fanfic (in ELRE), he also has something of a Sailor Moon obsession, but... *cough* we won't go into that.


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