"Always is a magic word, Jack..." 
           "I'll name her kid something stupid, like Irvine."

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Welcome to the Library, good sirs and madams (yes, I too can be politically correct.  The wonder and horror of it all).  here you will find a number of works written by the good people I terrorized into... er, who were kind enough to submit their work for viewing on my site.  I believe the section demarcations are fairly self-explanatory, so I'll let you handle yourself from here.

Oh, and if you'd like to see your own work in this section (Lord knows I could use more), just go to the Submission Guidelines to find out how.

A good bit of new material here.  The excellent Glarryg has submitted his story, Parasite, for your reading pleasure... I believe you'll all like it quite a bit.  Also, an update on Jeremy Chapter's section.  (Oh, and people like Mox?  The reason I haven't been updating your sections is because I'm not receiving any work from you guys... and I don't have time right now to track down the HTML on the 'net).

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