Night Haven:  The Comic

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    Once, I could not draw.  According to some, I still can't.  If you're one of those people, then ignore the huge picture below.

For the rest of you, behold a tiny portion of what is to be the cast of The Night Haven comic.  Unfortunately, you cannot even see this picture in all of its spiffy splendor, for my scanner is not large enough for the big piece of paper I drew it on.  Weep, my friends, as you have missed out on the very first picture of the landlord Vik, whose fists of steel will even bring the great Lucent Mazer to his knees.  The only problem with this, and some of the other drawings, is the fact that my drawing pencils (which are number three, four, and five pencils, rather than the mundane and thick number two) have rather fine points, and don't show up as well in scans as my old ones.  I will figure out some way to circumvent this problem in the near future, though, so fret not.

Ah, it looked so much better in its original size.  To behold it in all of its gigantic glory, click on this link.  MWA HA HA HA!!


Anyway, I don't actually have any decent strips done yet (and I need a few introduction type things anyway...), but rest assured that I will get them done.  I'm having waaay too much fun with this stuff to do otherwise.

In the meantime, here's some conceptual art I've done.  (I've done much more, but this is what's decent enough to show you).  This is also why the page takes so long to load.  Or perhaps it's the 127K pic just above here...

Lucent:  Fists of Fury - behold the mighty warrior in action... one of my better action shots (given that that's all I really do now, that's sayin' something... Oh, and the big pic on the main page is a distorted version of this... it also looks a bit better... but this is much more clear.

Lucent In Action - Lucent, about to bring the Blade of Black down on some unsuspecting cretin's head.  I skewed the position of the right hand a bit on this one, but it still turned out pretty well.

Lucent:  Random bits of insanity - three sketches I did of Lucent a while back... one of them's the original thing I did for the picture on the Updates page... and the one on the bottom left's probably the best.

Vik Lays Down the Law - Lucent and Bob's tyrannical landlord shows Everyone's Favorite Eternal™ what's what.  Too bad you can only see the back of Vik's head, since he got cut from the big pic above...

Much, much more to come very, very soon.  It's going to be a crazy ride, kids...


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