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Here you can find both fan and original art, anime and 'high' art... well, at least you should be able to be.

In order for this section to exist, I MUST have submissions to it.  I actually wanted to start this section months ago, but I somehow got the naive impression that people would look at the Submission Guidelines and send me something first.

So this is a call to all artists and wannabe-artists out there.  Sonic, send me some stuff (preferably not all at once, mind you)!  Mox, come on, man, get something scanned!  

Glarryg's really sent me some great artwork in, and thus he dominates in this section of the site.  If you check out his work, you'll probably notice pretty quickly that his art beats the pants off of mine?  Does this bother me?  No, not really, it just means that I've gotta make like the aliens in that movie Space Jam and find a basketball or something to suck his talent away from him.  *blinks* Um... yeah.


Anyway, check back here for more later.

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