2001 Midis



Er... well, there's only two up right now.  I can't help it, okay?!  I'm composing now, in fact... working on the second part of my Planeswalker series of songs.


Aragorn - Rating 9.

Ooh, ahh... Er, well, I'm not one to compliment my own work, usually, but as far as my current standards go, I feel like this song came out very well.  It's a french horn concerto piece, based on Mox Jet's the Planeswalkers character Aragorn Lestrides.  Cool character, cool story... I'm working on a full story theme now, in fact (with his permission, of course).  But enough babbling from me.  Check out the piece... you may just like it.

Blaster - Rating 7.

This piece came to me today, and was composed today (2-5-00).  It's a piano piece... only about 2 minutes long, but it's interesting enough, I suppose.  Not bad at all if you like that sort of thing... though it kinda loses focus towards the end.