2000 Midis



No, no, that doesn't mean I have 2000 midis available for uploading on this section.  It just refers to the song I composed in the year 2000.  Ooh, ahh.  Impressive, I'm sure. 


Dark Mystic - Rated at... oh, a 5 or so.

My very first piece.  It's very obvious that this was composed on a tool without any true panning, reverb, or other effects abilities.  As a result, it sounds very flat.  Still, there's some nice chord work, even if there isn't much of a melody.


Black Mirror - Rating 6.

Not so bad, I suppose.  One of my earliest piano pieces... and one that I obviously did no research for.  I know NOW that it's a bad thing to have repetitive notes on a piano if you're going for something nice to listen to, but then... still, all said, I did receive some positive feedback on this song, so I suppose you should check it out.


Clarity - Rating 7.

One of the songs I wrote as an attempt to put a theme to my character Lucent Mazer.  Not that bad, really.


A Lucid Truth - Rating 8.

Now, this is more like it.  The song's actually fairly decent.  Another attempt at a theme for LM, you'll notice some similarities between it and Clarity, but only a few.  This version's far superior.

The Final Hour - Rating 8.

A piano piece by myself, written for the ill-fated Furious Knives game... this one actually pays attention to what real piano pieces sound like!  Seriously, it's not so bad.


The City of Zerakai - rating 8.

This one ain't bad, really.  A 'chromatic percussion' piece, written for my story, The Endless Game:  Orion (which is actually up around 6 chapters... but I won't post it until some major revisions are made to the characters and plot).  Not bad, but a little short.  I'm currently expanding it, but this is the original version.

Zeal Rock - Rating... er... 7 or so.

This one's interesting.  My first, and only decent attempt at a remix, this is a lot of original music, with the zeal theme, and the infamous notes of Schala's theme, thrown in for good measure.  It could use some higher instruments, though... not to mention a Magus theme.

And... er... sadly, that's all I'm really willing to post that I composed last year, out of thirty-something songs.  As has been said by Seth Neuffer, anything more here would be 'too much listening enjoyment.'  Or something like that.