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Yeah, that's right.  Welcome to the Magic Compendium - for you laymen out there, the heading for this page is Spell Listings; means the same thing - where I'll attempt to give listings of all the spells used in the X:  PtD series.  Of course, this could take a while.  For one thing, I use a lot of Slayers magic - though, thanks to Slayers Universe, that'll be the easiest thing to do - and there are a LOT of spells to copy down into the guide, and give a difficulty rating.  For another, all the spells used in the Xenogears and Chrono Series (you know, Trigger and Cross) will probably need to go into here, not to mention some various things from the Final Fantasy series.

So, yeah, I've got a lot of work to do, but if I'll ever just talk to Mox Jet about it, we could probably divide it up between us (he is, of course, working on a spell guide himself).  More to this section later, I suppose.


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