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    This section is fairly self-explanatory, isn't it?  The Xenogears:  Prelude to Destruction series has a lot of characters, a lot of different bits of technology, and other various things associated with it.  This area of the page will have drawings made by myself and - hopefully - other people, to give a visual representation of the things in this faniverse I share with Mox Jet and Nanaki.

Also, this area will be divided into sections, to make it easier to peruse... of course, right now, I don't have enough drawings to justify that, but that's how it is.  Also, it's in alphabetical order (er... no da, or some Japanese expression like that).

Heroes and Villains

!!!NEW!!! Darrell Shanning - YAAY!!  A halfway decent picture of Darrell!  While not as good as the other drawing I did today (3-17-2001), I think this one turned out alright.  Too bad I had to do some erasing on the face... it kinda shows there were problems there.  And yes, the right arm is a bit too thick, I realize now... but I don't want to screw it up further.  You get the basic idea of the character, anyway.

Grey Terin - Everyone's favorite Wanderer is pictured here, doing nothing special.  I'll do action shots later, maybe when I get decent enough at drawing to justify trying them.

Mathiu Racnarth - Everyone's favorite Hunter (ah, the originality in these descriptions) is pictured here, also doing nothing special, but... in a slightly different position than Terin, and WITH a mild background.  Believe me when I say mild, though; I think I drew two perspective lines to make it look slightly like he MIGHT be standing in a hallway of some sort.  Fun.

Mox Garel - Everyone's favorite former Border Fleet pilot turned traitor is pictured here (Er... I'm sorry for these stock descriptions, but my writers' guild only sent me the "Everyone's favorite _____" expression this week), doing something SPECIAL.  Well, no, that doesn't sound right.  Actually, all he's doing is giving you what looks like a peace sign (or possibly vulgarity of some sort by some country's standards), but is actually a Japanese manga V for victory thing.  Odd, I realize.  Don't ask how I found out about it.






I realize the horror of looking at my artwork has warped your mind, so...

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