Rare MIDIs



    Wow, I wonder what could be in this section?  If such a question came to your mind when you saw the link to this area, I'd like you to exit your browser, shut off your computer, and go watch pokémon or something.  For those of you who did not think said question, happy downloading.


A Day's Wait - no, you've never heard of this song.  It was submitted to TOS a while back, actually.  Now, normally I'd never put up an amateur's work like this, without permission, but... good lord.  This is the longest midi ever made, I feel confident saying.  It goes on for HUNDREDS of MINUTES, and does so in the most rambling and annoying manner I've ever heard.  Download it just so you can marvel at the stupidity of mankind.

American Pie - Bye, bye miss american pie... um, yes.  This a midi of THAT song.

Austin Powers - no, I can't recall the name of this particular song, but it's from the beginning of Austin Powers 2, so... awww, just listen to it.  I'll bet you recognize it.

Kiss From a Rose - you know, I honestly don't remember who sings this song, but they're good.  This isn't that bad a midi, either.

Somewhere Out There - you've heard this before, I'm sure.  Some people make fun of me for it (if you're one of them, keep it to yourself; I'm dangerious), but I really like this song.

The Way - Where were they going without ever knowing the way?  You know, I was never sure of the answer to this question, but this song by Fastball's pretty cool (even if the midi's not as spiffy).

What's My Age Again? - By Blink182, of course.  Told you these were some strange midis.


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