Ah, the Rants section is back.  I'm glad, because - as anyone who knows me can tell you - I'm just full of opinions.  And I'm here to give 'em to you.  Now, when this section first existed, I just used it to make fun of some of the things I don't like about my state.  However, I decided a few weeks after they'd gone up that the rants were hypocritical, and involved me making fun of other people simply because they weren't just like me.  That's idiocy, I'd say.  I've deleted them since.  Now, I still have some problems with things in this state, but in the future, I'll take care not to make generalizations about people, and only state my opinion when I've been actually informed about an issue.

That said, my first rant's about fanfiction.  Go fig.


Fanatical Fiction - 5-4-2001 - Some people don't take this literary form seriously, and it aggravates the crap out of me.


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