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This section last updated 4-01-2001


Bravo, wanderer.  I am Dark Star, keeper of the Etc Section (not to mention Night's image on AOL Instant Messenger).  You have done well to find this easily-found place; your work shall not go unrewarded.  Given, of course, that 'rewarded' means that you get to read Night's bizarre parody stories, look at his joke artwork, and listen to some truly bizarre/horrible music compositions he's done.  Oh, and the miscellaneous section has some polls in it.  Very, very scary stuff.  Yes, this is the page where you can find the things that truly display Night's personality:  insanity.

   Currently playing in the background is Dark of My Organ... and oddly enough, it doesn't sound that bad.  Night took his "Light of My Life" song, and put it in a minor key (and on an organ, of course).  Hmm... oh, and he has some new-agey songs in the Hidden Music section now.

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