Go, then.  I'd guess the sites listed here are better, anyway.


Tired of my site so soon? Figures... ah well, below are a bunch of sites that you should really consider visiting, for various reasons. Some of them are forums I've created, some of them host my work, and some of them... are just plain cool.

Oh, and for some odd reason, someone wanted to know why they weren't in alphabetical order.  Two reasons for this:  1) I'm lazy.  2) I don't want to renumber everything, so new links ALWAYS go in on the bottom.  Well, I suppose that's really just one reason, but oh well.  Look through the whole list, it shouldn't take too long.



1. The Fantasy Finale Arts Forum:

I know it's linked to all over the place here, but one more time can't hurt.  This was my first site ever. Of course, it wasn't really a site, so to speak... it's... er... a Delphi forum, requiring all of an hour to get up and running. Since then, though, it's gotten really nice. This isn't because of my work, though, but because the FFAF is primarily an interactive story haven. Basically, a group of excellent authors all work on several different fanfics (or occasionally original works), as a team, making for a very rich, great story.

2. The Spirals of Infinity RPG BBS

This one's just starting out (founded 12-26-2000), and we are, of course, looking for members. Of course, if you're looking at this site, you probably already know me, and thus have already seen SoI, but... er... well, I linked it anyway. This is somewhat similar to an IS in how it works, but it all takes place in a much larger, and original world. If you're interested in time travel, definitely check it out.

3. Icy Brian's RPG Site

Ooh, ahh. The first site I DIDN'T create on the list. This place holds the largest amount of videogame-based fanfiction on the net (did you say That's not really fanfic, for the most part... yaoi doesn't count)... and a good bit of my own work to boot. Go there, and see who all of those fanfic authors on my about me list are.

4. The Gaming Intelligence Agency

I don't frequent this place much anymore, but it's one of the best video game news sites out there. Also, the people who run the fanfic section there're very fond of short works, which resulted in me writing quite a number.

5. Solace

Ah, the site that helped me learn how to draw. The main draw to this place (for me) is the great anime tutorials, which I've never found ANYWHERE else. Also, there's a lot of nice artwork there, a lot of it done by Ms. Dillon herself.

6. TOS: The Other Side

Host of the premier midi amateur (or pro, I guess... I don't know who's been payed on the site) contest on the 'net, with a wonderful multiple reviewer system, TOS is mostly a set of forums where musicians from all over the world can convene and talk about anything they'd like. Oh, and I review for the contest there. Very nice.

7. Miditrax

Ah, the easiest-to-win midi contest out there. Basically, here's how it works: enter your song to the contest. At the end of the month, you'll receive a banner showing how many times you (and everyone else who entered) 'won', as well as having your song put up on miditrax itself. Yeah, the banners aren't prestigious, but you get a LOT of hits for your song this way, believe me.

8. The Fanatic's Tower

This is James Smiley's - AKA Neokefka - personal site, full of (as the title suggests) things he's fanatical about. There's some really funny stuff on here, not to mention his own FF6 fanfic, the Creation of Heaven and Earth. Good stuff. Oh, and he supports some of my writings as well... *cough* not that something like THAT would make me link to him. Oh, no indeed.

9. Seth Neuffer's Original Midi Compositions

The longest site title featured in the links section, I know. But this is a good one. Seth is one of the best composers I've ever heard, bar none (except perhaps in the way of equipment limitations), and a really nice guy to boot. Oh, and incredibly, he's not even 20. You should definitely check this place out.

10. Xenogears Ground Zero

One of the best sites dedicated to one of the best RPGs of all time. Of course, I don't really have much use for the walkthroughs (which are very indepth, might I add) anymore, but the extra info stuff is really informative, and is bound to teach you at least one or two things you didn't know.

11.  Pheonix Feather's MP3 Horde YAAAY!  Er... let me explain this.  See, Samara MADE me go here the other night to download Invincible by Pat Benatar (which you should go D/L right now, if it's still in the bi-weekly section).  I was most amazed to find the largest collection of anime and video game MP3s I've ever seen.  Now I just need a faster connection... Go there now.
12.  The Fifth Dimension My friend Sonic's personal site.  I was going to put a link up before now, but he wanted me to use a banner.  But then it hit me, that this page doesn't really lend itself to banners.  So sorry Mike, no banner for you.  If you won't have the link here without it, then... I don't know what I'll do.  I suppose I'll have to bribe you with cheese and flying monkeys.  Anyway, it's a cool site, or will be when everything's up.  It's about as spread out as this site as far as content, but with 'multidimensional' mascots.
13.  The University of Mississippi Just plugging the college I plan on going to starting in the fall of 2001.  It's a pretty cool place; big liberal arts school.  I don't suppose anyone really cares enough to check the site out, but oh well, it's a number on the list, at least.
14.  Katherine's Site Heh, cool.  It's Traitor's site!  Right now it just has her writings (gotta love the poetry... well, maybe not, but I like it), and some personal info and such, but she's in the process of expanding it.  Definitely check it out.
15.  Creednet Of course, this is the official site of that cool rock band.  CREED!  Er... anyway, I don't visit this one much myself, but they're a really cool band, and they even have mp3s of some of their songs up (a good thing since Napster's poised to start charging that monthly fee...)
16.  Days of the New The home site of the BEST acoustic alternative band out there.  Well, they're not really JUST acoustic anymore, but you'll never find better acoustic guitar players anywhere.  Very cool group.
17.  Tonic Online It's Tonic.  The band, Tonic.  You know, they did that awesome song "If You Could Only See" several years ago.  They're a very, very cool group.  I have both of their albums.  Go to their site, and listen to their music too.
18. Very, very cool.  It's a site that hosts online radio stations, and will even provide you the tools to start your own.  As soon as I get that T3 cable connection next year in college, I'm going to have one myself.  FUN!!!
19.  Shrine to Ghaleon I'm not really certain how accurate this title is anymore... anyway, this is a great Lunar site, with a focus - in my opinion - on fanfiction.  If you go there, make sure to read Samara's excellent work, under her pen name Ambrienne.  Oh, and I'm occasionally on the message board (what's that?  I've never posted on it?  Quiet you.)
20.  Moo Cow's Original Midi Pasture Geez... you should really check this place out.  The guy that ran the site, Justin Parker, would be my age now, were he still alive.  Yeah... in the fall of '99, he died in a car wreck (don't hold me to this, but I really think it involved a drunk driver).  So his site doesn't get updated anymore, but it's still there.  Listen to his original compositions, and mourn the passing of a great person... and I never even knew him.
21.  Slayers Universe 4.1 OH MY GOSH!!!!!  You haven't already seen this site?!  I command you to go there immediately!!  Er... ahem.  Quite seriously, Slayers Universe is the best site I've ever seen for the best anime I've ever seen (and, as I'm a rather picky anime fan - not a big fan of Gundam Wing purely because of the bad translation... ditto with DBZ and several other animes)... and it's loaded with information about the series.  Heck, there's even a complete spellbook, which is a very useful tool for any fanfic author... both Mox and I use spells from the Slayers series in our fanfics.
22.  The Cosmo Canyon Attic Nanaki.  I love this guy.  He's one of my favorite authors of all time (not FANFIC authors, mind you, just plain-out authors, professional or otherwise), and a pretty cool person, from what I've gathered from the few times I've seen him about on IRC.  This page is currently mostly for his rants and things he think are cool (the cool people section is great, especially... loaded with rather rare pics of awesome anime and video game characters).  And whenever he gets the next update up, it's supposed to have his MSTs (Mystery Science Theater versions...) of the Spy's fanfic, as well as some chapters of Tempo Trigger that aren't on Icy's site yet.  I'm there, dude.
23.  The RPG Galleria It hasn't been updated in... two years, I think, but it's still a valuable resource.  Most of the sprite pics you've been seeing around the site as of late were pulled from there... See, the Galleria basically has pics of EVERY SINGLE sprite from Final Fantasy 1-6, Chrono Trigger, Suikoden, and several other games.  Truly a nice site.
24.  Mahou!  The Magic School Anyone who knows me would have to think I'm insane for signing up for this.  Basically, this is the link to the site for a play-by-email RP (role playing) thing... you know, where you write for a character, and all that.  Certainly, there's nothing wrong with a good RP, but let me give you a bit of illumination on what I ALREADY do.  I host the FFAF, with several stories to work on, the Spirals of Infinity RPG, which is a message board system of RP, the Fushigi Soudan play-by-email RP (based on Fushigi Yuugi), and I'm writing Dark Angel.  Yes, I'm completely insane to have signed up for something else, but Samara asked me to, and... I was powerless to resist.  Oh, and I recently quit, due in part to that same lack of time, but I still recommend it.
25.  The Whole In the Universe A fanfic site dedicated to the less-often played RPGs, such as Saga Frontier and Suikoden.  I tried to submit my Xenogears fic recently, but I don't know if it'll get posted or not... like I just said, the site's more for the oft-ignored games, and my crossover with CT will probably make someone there grow another head when they see it... </lame expression>.  Oh, and the maintainer's online handle is Bubbawheat.  That's more than enough reason to go there.
26.  Planeswalker Universe Why, I just noticed the striking resemblance the title of this, Mox Jet's personal site, bears to Slayers Universe 4.1... hmm... coincidence?  Well, probably not, but you should still definitely check this place out.  As of this writing, the site's just beginning, but you can already tell it's going to be cool... it's actually somewhat similar to the Night Haven, but with an emphasis on Planeswalkers (just like the NH has a silent emphasis on Dark Angel).
27.  Eye of the Storm My RL friend Scott's (AKA Lt Storm) personal site.  Here you'll find a fanfic library - he hasn't been writing seriously for long, but he's definitely got promise - and some other assorted craziness.  Also, his updates have interesting little catch phrases... most entertaining.
28.  World of Imagination No, you FFAFers, it's not the old interactive story (which has been running nearly a year now.  Geez...) on that site; the title just fit so well that Mox suggested it.  This site is the place to get all the information about the WoI faniverse - which is what my own Xenogears:  Prelude to Destruction faniverse is set in.  It's pretty cool, though it's just getting started out.  Let me tell you why.  the authors currently involved in this faniverse are, in order of joining:  Nanaki, Mox Jet, myself, Cain, Neokefka.  Yes, except for myself, there are some really kickin' writers there.  Check it out. 
29.  The GRuNT Heh, cool.  Immigrant Song's personal site, full of... um... well, the page looks like there's all sorts of stuff there - it's very stylistically designed - but in reality, the bulk of the page is in the updates, which are really more like an editorials column tellin' something about the Immie here.  There are also some reviews and pictures and stuff... but this guy's really cool, and his site reflects that.  Go there... um... now! 
30.  The I.S. Vortex This place is just too much fun.  Basically, this is how it works:  it's one big IS (thus, you can't have seperate stories... not quite as cool as my own FFAF, eh, but still neat) in which the authors take characters they've used in other ISes (typically based on games and stuff, from what I've seen), and throw them into some big dimension-tripping plot involving vortexes or some such nonsense.  I recently joined up with the good Darrell Shanning (of course, set a few years from Dark Angel; this is Dominion's Darrell Shanning), seeing as WoI is kinda like a big IS.  Um, yes.  Check this site out, though, definitely.  It's cool, and there are some excellent authors there.


Thirty links sounds like an even number.  Looks nice, feels semi-organized, even.  But just you wait.  Next weekend I'll probably add ONE more link, just so that things can sound askew again.


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