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Mr T:  Hey, foo'!  I's Mistah T, and ah pity da' foo' who don't like dis page.  it's coo', foo'! 

Ozzie:  Allow me to translate for Mr. T, here.

Mr T:  Foo'!  I don' need no trans-lashum, foo'!

Ozzie:  Yes, I realize some people can understand you just fine, but we don't all speak ebonics. 

Mr T:  I pity da foo' who don' speak no ebonics!!  *attacks Ozzie*

Ozzie:  EEK!!!  HELP ME!!  HELPPPP!!!!

Mr T:  Now tha' tha' foo's gone, I can tell you bout this coo' page!  We gots lo's a po's and other stuff, foo'!  You best like it all, too, oh I have to get some pity on you, foo'!



Which game is the best in the Final Fantasy series?

What's the best RPG of all time?

Is Mr. T coo'?!?


I'm gonna add other stuff later, foo'!!!  You bes' come back an' visi'!!

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