stories r 4 dorks u r stoopid hee hee hee aerith is ugly

welcome 2 ffff-the fantasy finale farts forum ha ha ha ha hah ah ah ahah a

it is me sancdar i hacked into delphi and got sonics account he doesnt know he is so stoopid

hey sonic guess what aerith is ugly like your mommas butt

lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol

so what is this forum about

it is about pokemon pokemon is kewl

pikachu sucks though charmander is the best

hey guess what i told my friend lavos core and he wants to say something

here is what he says

lol nght iz sooo stooopid my fix r weigh bttr tan his

his frum stinx it iz 4 wimps and dorks

i am goood righter look at my fix it iz called

death of a memberr

sonic wrote a mst of it cuz he is a wimpy dork lol lol lol lol he jus wants to right like me

ok it is sancdar again i hope you leave here and never return cuz u r real stoopid hee hee




this page is part of the association of butt wrinkles

hee hee hee hee he heeh ee


Heh... back to the Night Haven