Why MS Sucks (as if you didn't know)   

Yeah, Mississippi sucks.  Hard.  Why?  Oh, let me tell you... there are far more reasons than I could list here.

The first major, and most serious problem is the sheer amount of racism prevalent throughout.  Looked down on all over the rest of the country (even in my home state of Texas, which is no farther north than MS), it is an accepted fact of life.  Most of my friends at the school I go to (it's a private school, which in this state translates to all-white) even use certain n words on a daily basis.  *blinks*  It's really incredibly, incredibly lame.  And they think they're SOOOO funny, too.  They call rap 'urban music', usually accompanying this with some sort of black reverend impression, and they call my own crappy '87 Oldsmobile a car that a black person would drive.  As if the type of car determines color...

Of course, the saddest thing about this state is its elitist outlook on everyone.  Social status is predetermined here from where you were born and who to - I realize that it's the same way the world over, but at least farther north you aren't automatically black-balled (no pun intended) for your color - which makes it completely impossible for most of the african-american people I know to rise above the poverty they were born into.  It doesn't help that most of the non-private schools in this state suck, either  (Actually, that's the reason I go to a private school... the local one actually FAILS the freakin' tests that the state makes upon occasion).  Oh, and things in my hometown, Coffeeville, are still so bad that the GRAVEYARD's even still segregated.  Yeah, thank God that the bodies of the white people won't have to drink from the same water fountains as the bodies of the black people... oh, and the graves even face in opposite directions, so they don't have to marvel at how incredibly DIFFERENT the pigmentation alterations make them </sarcasm>.

Thing is, the white people themselves would probably suck just as much if they WEREN'T racists.  Most of them have a membership to the local 'country club', at 1000 bucks a year... probably because it's the only way that you can be considered socially elite in the school system.  It's really ridiculous.  My father works for Texaco (as a petroleum engineer, not at the local gas-mart, wise guy), and, for better or worse, probably makes more money than every one of them.  But the fact that my grandparents and I aren't members of the wondrous country club, coupled with the fact that I don't act like a member of the 'money' group, alienate me completely from them.  Well, not completely.  They're still nice to me to my face.  I'm still at the stage where all of the aggravating gossip and arrogance goes on behind my back.

And as for the ones that aren't in the money group... for the most part, they're the biggest rebel hicks the world has ever seen.  They drive huge pickup trucks that seem to perpetually covered in mud (apparently, the areas they live in have yet to move up to paved roads, and they probably don't have running water to wash the things upon occasion), with bumper stickers proudly proclaiming that "The South will rise again" with confederate battle flags and shotguns.  Of course, they MUST be right about this.  Just think about it, if all the gas station attendants/confederate re-enactment groups in my state were to gather together, they'd have a monopoly on the gas in Mississippi!  ...Until the US government stopped sending gas trucks in about a day later.  But hey, according to them, the southerners are so much better at fighting than the "Yankees" that that would be plenty of time to capture Washington DC, and track down and kill Clinton (in case you didn't know, Mississippi is a Republican state). 

Speaking of the confederate re-enactment groups, they're insane.  They've actually CONVINCED themselves that the Civil War wasn't fought over slavery, and that they would've won if they'd had ten or so more guys on their side.  Oh, and while I'm thinking about that, do you know what they say the war's about, now?  Apparently, it was over "States' Rights", not slavery, because most southerners couldn't afford slaves at the time of the war!  But... states rights to do what, Joe Bob?  Ah, yes... the state's right to secede.  Why did you guys want to secede, though?  What's that?  Because the North didn't want you keeping slaves anymore?  For shame!!  How dare anyone think that the war was fought over slavery!

Er... it's really quite insane.  I know a little sixth grader in the band, that's actually fairly cool most of the time.  Unless, of course, you bring up the Civil War.  Then he starts informing you how he owns an actual rifle used in the Civil War (which he really does), and how he knows every verse to the song Dixie (I hadn't known there was more than one before he sang them... >_<;;;;;), and how he'd love to 'kill some Yankees'.  Needless to say, the first two points don't bother me nearly as much as the last one.  He was quite candid about his desire to shoot some northerners, though, and simply because nearly 150 years ago, their ancestors fought against his in a stupid, stupid war.  I suppose he gets it from his parents (in fact, I'm pretty certain... his dad is a member of the Sons of the Confederacy... a rather thinly veiled white power/the South really DID win the war back then group), but still... I doubt that there are little kids in New York that talk about their burning desire to kill former Confederates (well, at least not any that are properly balanced in the mental sense).

But I think you see my point.  My state sucks, has sucked at least since the Civil War, and probably will continue to until one of the idiots out here spills a beer on their last records of the Confederacy or they all get really drunk and accidentally shoot each other when running their re-enactments.

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