Hey there.  Welcome to the Rants section, which I'll use to basically spout off my many, many opinions on things, hopefully in a semi-humorous way. 

Oh, and before you read, keep this in mind:  I don't want flames.  You flaming me will not change the below opinions, and in fact will only make them hold them even more strongly; conflict but serves to bolster faith, ya know?

Anyway... that's enough out of me.  The subject of this section's too obvious to justify a huge essay up at the top here.


Most of the South is incredibly lame - ha ha!  What a way to begin on my path of infuriating millions!  I live in Mississippi right now, and probably will for the next 4 years... pity me.

I'll add more later.  I'm lazy.  Sue me... er, or don't.  Yeah, you probably shouldn't.

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All expressed opinions in this section are just that:  opinions.  They don't represent the thoughts of Tripod, the internet in general, or William Shatner.  And I'll say it again:  DON'T FLAME ME FOR MY OPINION!!!  You have yours too, and I can respect that, but if you want to state it, make your own site.  Don't fill my inbox with junk I probably won't even read.