No, Stormie boy isn't writing any of this.  This is your host and resident lunatic, Nightsong, comin' to ya on behalf of this guy, who didn't bother to send me info to put up about him.  Let's see, then... well, Scott Jones was raised by a pack of monkeys (you know, Scott, John?) in the wilds of southern Mexico (as EVERYONE knows, he's hispanic).  Unfortunately, at the tender age of 11 (last year, heh... well, not really), his ape parents tried to sacrifice him to their God of Digimon.  The young lad managed to escape, but not before gaining a Digimon anime obsession that would follow him for the rest of his life (now just pray he doesn't submit Digimon fanart).  His art's actually fairly good, though stylistically different from my own.

Monster Rancher

Hellheart - May 6th, 2001


Original Art

[Note - the Galeon pics here are from Storm's Monster Rancher, of all things, fanfic.  Still, the character's totally original, hence the setting]

Galeon Yasin:  Boy to Warrior




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